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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Explorer C

…or, sometimes you’d rather have pretzels.  On our Southwest flights, you always have that option, but right now, we just might be making that decision a little bit harder for you with the return of that perennial favorite--honey-roasted peanuts!  Each year at this time, we begin to transition our peanut selection, so as the old year ends, we are singing “Auld Lang Syne” to our dry-roasted nuts, and “ringing” in 2009 with the honey-roasted variety. 

One thing you may not be aware of is that Southwest Airlines can actually designate a flight as a “non-peanut” flight if we are alerted to the fact that we have a Customer with a peanut dust allergy traveling with us.  After receiving this type of accommodation request, we will make every effort to suspend service of packaged peanuts on that Customer’s scheduled flights.  We do ask the Customer to advise our Customer Service Agent each time at checkin for a flight (at least an hour in advance of departure) of his/her allergy to peanut products.  Our Agent will then complete a Peanut Dust Allergy Form and advise the Customer to present the form to one of our Flight Attendants upon boarding.  Of course, we cannot guarantee that another Customer will not bring their own peanut products onboard the aircraft or open a package they’ve saved from an earlier flight.  We will try to do everything possible to accommodate these types of requests, however, as our Customers’ wellbeing is of great importance to us.

Even Customers without peanut allergies can opt for pretzels, which it appears many of you are doing, judging by the fact that our pretzel usage is on the rise.  (Just my opinion, but maybe the low-carb craze is coming to an end.)  Whichever product is your favorite—pretzels or either of our two varieties of peanuts—all of us at Southwest look forward to serving you in 2009.