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SoundCheck Trip Connects Young Professionals with Leaders


Connecting people to what’s important in their lives!  It’s what we do at Southwest. I recently had the pleasure of hosting a delegation for a behind-the-scenes tour and day of learning for the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce’s SoundCheck program at our corporate headquarters.  As a sponsor of the Greater Memphis Chamber, Southwest offered this opportunity to support SoundCheck’s purpose of providing these young leaders with access to top business leaders, the opportunity to stay in-the-know, and participate in initiatives that are moving Memphis forward.  

What better place to provide access to top business leaders and stay in-the-know than Southwest Airlines? 

With the help of many colleagues in Dallas, we put together a fantastic agenda!  With great nonstop service between Memphis and Dallas, we packed a lot into their day trip.   

As you know, we work hard and play hard at Southwest. That was pretty apparent to our guests when they received their agenda and realized they were going to work hard and play hard during their visit, too.

It was a long day for our visitors from Memphis.  18 hours to be exact!  But, when everyone was still smiling and talking about the great day they had while boarding their flight back to Memphis, I knew this opportunity made an impact.  


Memphis Chamber SoundCheck at HDQ.JPG

Every Southwest Employee is empowered to make a difference with every Customer we encounter.  I’m so grateful that I get to represent Southwest in the communities we serve and make a difference with the businesses, civic and nonprofit partners Southwest supports.  I’m also grateful that I can always count on my colleagues. This program wouldn’t have been possible without everyone listed on the agenda.  Special thanks to each of them!

The SoundCheck trip was recently highlighted during the Memphis Chamber Annual Chairman’s Luncheon, the largest business event in the city with more than 1,000 business and community leaders.  

Here’s what some of our guests had to say: 

  • “Dear Southwest, Thank you so much for hosting us for this fantastic experience for our SoundCheck members!  It exceeded expectations and they were already sky high.  This was an experience our group will never forget.  It provided our Young Professionals information they’ll be able to take back and utilize at their own companies and throughout their careers.  Thank you!” – Christina Meek, Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce Director of Communication

  • “I really can’t thank you enough for the amazing experience you provided us with last week. I have not been able to stop talking about it since we got back. You are an amazing part of an outstanding company!!  It was a truly memorable experience. As a young buck who loves the business world, it was incredible to see/learn how Southwest has grown and how, through the growth, you all have kept an amazing culture. Really a commendable feat!"

  • "Again, thank you sooooooooo much for everything you did in getting us there and then taking care of while we were there. It was truly an experience I will never forget!!” – Caleb Park, Nexttech Solutions