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Southwest Airline's Repurpose with Purpose Program Video Needs Your Vote!


Southwest Airlines is dedicated to living responsibly and no program better shares that commitment than our Repurpose with Purpose initiative, a program where Southwest helps repurpose discarded items and materials into useful products with the help of partner organizations.


We are thrilled to share our Repurpose with Purpose program video has been entered at the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival. Sponsored by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, this festival honors the hard work of citizenship programs around the world. To reach the final round of the film finalists, we need your help to spread the LUV! Please take a moment to view the Repurpose with Purpose video and vote for it by clicking HERE.


We’re proud to celebrate our talented Employees and partners who have made this program possible and encourage you to share this link to vote with your family and friends.