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Southwest Airlines 25 Years in Little Rock

Frequent Flyer C

Southwest Airlines began service to Little Rock on February 27, 1984. Our 62 Little Rock-based Employees currently operate 13 daily departures to seven cities including Baltimore/Washington, Chicago Midway, Dallas Love Field, Houston Hobby, Las Vegas , and St. Louis with direct and connecting service to 49 additional cities.  We thank our wonderful Employees for delivering positively outrageous Customer Service to our Little Rock Customers for 25 years! 

Read all about the Employees in the blog post Big Heart, Little Rock.


Explorer C
Thoroughly enjoyed reading about the terrific Southwest team in Little Rock. Though I have not had the pleasure of experiencing Little Rock's team I always strive to fly Southwest whenever possible. A suggestion for another great (small) airport the Southwest team could invigorate is the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan. Traverse City, Michigan, is a terrific destination city, always in season.........All we need is LUV!
Explorer B
This is a fabulous video and I love the fiddle player. Is he an employee of Southwest? I think this is my favorite video yet. It is fun. Erica
Frequent Flyer C
Hello Erica, Leland is an original Employee of the Little Rock Station. He has been making his own fiddles by hand for years and taught himself how to play. He is a very, very talented musician! Caleb Fox Southwest Airlines
Explorer C
I just want to personaly thank Gary Kelly and Southwest Airlines for coming to Little Rock. This is my home airport. Thanks. I want to become a pilot for Southwest Airlines and we have a career Orientation class and we had to stand up and tell what we wanted to be. I said I want to be a pilot for commercial airline and especially Southwest Airlines. Thanks again guys and I hope to work for this Amazing Company!