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Southwest Airlines Blog-o-Spondent in Chicago

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Remember how I won that contest and became the Southwest Airlines blog-o-spondent? Well this is my first official trip, to Chicago! Witness museums, snow, public art, trains, fancy dolls, improv, and lots and lots of food.

Where should I go next?
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Kaci, That was wonderful! Now I want to go to Chicago and do the whole Kaci tour! You really made the video entertaining and fun! Glad you were the Blog-O-Spondent winner! You've got that Southwest Spirit! Why don't you cover SFO next!? Bet that would be lots of fun!
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Loved it! Nice to see home at its best and our wonderful Chi Town humor! Thank you.
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Nice going! I say try OMA for a challenge, or MCO
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Hahah that was hilarious! The digestion listing as free did it for me. Too funny. Congrats!
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Is this for real.....I'm not so sure about this Kaci. Oh well, it is all about Nuts for Southwest.
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From one Casey to another, well done, my friend. I laughed out loud at least three time. I think you've found your calling. For your next stop you should visit K.C., in honor of us and all the other fabulous Kaci/ Casey/ Kaycee/ Kasey's out there. Casey
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Chicago was a great city to visit. Over Spring Break I went to Portland, Oregon, so expect to see that video in a few weeks! Thanks for all the ideas of where to go next, all are good suggestions! Decisions, decisions...
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i was wondering what the appropriate age to fly with a new born would be he is 4 weeks?
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Kaci- Thanks for stopping by my hometown, Chicago. The winter really limits your possibilities but I was thrilled you were able to demonstrate just how amazing the city can be – for free! If you ever venture back in the summer, be sure to take a stroll along Lake Michigan and stop at the Lincoln Park Zoo! Both free and extremely exciting events. I’d love to see you venture to Los Angeles. Between work and trip I spend a lot of my time out there and always want to take more in each time. If I had your advice on where to go for free, that would be LA an even better city than it already is. Good luck on your travels, Stephanie
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This is great, glad you're SWA blogospondent. I'll be flying more.
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Kaci, I can't find the link to your video? I want to watch it. I'll try from home later and see if it shows up. Sounds like a great gig. Sorin