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Southwest Airlines CEO Announces Future Service to Boston

Frequent Flyer B

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly announced at our Chicago Message to the Field lat night that Southwest Airlines plans to begin service to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) sometime this fall. 
Explorer C
I think its great that SWA is finally coming to BOS at last an airline that knows how to treat passengers and employees we've been waiting a long time for you thank you for finally make our wishes come true. YEAH SOUTHWEST IN BOSTON ITS ABOUT TIME show the other what its all about!!!!!
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Its great that Southwest is coming to BOS many of OAL employees have been waiting we are all so excited when will you start hiring because we are ready
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When your fares are lower than the majors, I'll fly ya. No idea why people are so enchanted with SWA when fares out of MHT are ALWAYS higher than anyone else's. ALWAYS.
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Is there any information on which routes will be available?
Explorer B
This is wonderful news. Thank you Southwest for expending into that market. When will Laguadia become a reality?
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YES! We have all been waiting for Southwest to come to Boston :-D SWA#1
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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is great news for our family. I love SWA and hope I never have to fly the major carriers to BOS again!
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welcome to boston its about time.....................................................looking forward to the ride
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This is wicked good news.
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As I have read many of you are very excited about Southwest Airlines coming to Boston. I am a Southwest Employee that works in one of the many cities surrounding BOS and I am just as excited. For those of you that are inside 495 and are Logan fliers......get ready for something you have never experienced. We PRIDE ourselves in Customer Service! There is a reason that only roughly 1% of all applicants get highered and that is because SWA is very picky about personalitiy. If you are thinking about applying....well bring a warm heart and big smile! We will need some good Bostonian's to work with us! And for the above that had nice things to say....Thank you! We appreciate you also! I know I will continue to provived you, the New Englanders, what you deserve and that's GREAT Customer Service! Logan here we come...LOOK OUT!
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Terrific News!! Can't wait for my favorite airline, Southwest to go to Boston! Hope you include LI, Mac Arthur airport to fly out of to Boston!! Thank you SWA...
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I have been waiting for Southwest Airlines to come to Boston...I have in the past flown from Providence Ri but I would like to See Southwest fly from Boston to Toronto and other major cities.....Thank You southwest
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I'm hopeful that Austin will be one of the selected cities that will fly to/from Logan!
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HOORAY! Our daughter is in school and needs that flight from Boston to RDU!!!! Can't wait--the sooner the better! Durham, NC
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Thank you so much for providing service to BOSTON! Just hope it is from Pittsburgh or Cleveland so we can access it! We fly SW to Seattle & F;proda to visit our kids, but don't use SW to visit kids in Boston because we had to fly to Portland to get there! Love flying SW! Now just remove the peanuts so our grandkids (allergic to peanuts) can fly w/us!
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It will be so good to have an airline serve Boston whose employees realize the customer is the reason they have a job. Also,now I won't have to be gouged by Airtran or Delta when flying out of Baltimore to Boston.
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I'm a United Airlines 1K and I really mainly fly to their hubs (Chicago, DC, Denver, Los Angeles) and occasionally Seattle (easy connection through SFO) but I'm looking forward to see how SWA does at Logan. I usually fly First class too so I'm not interested in downgrading but I'm sure some of my friends and family will be excited about this new service. Also looking forward to seeing where they'll put the gates and the counter. Possibly in the Terminal C arrivals level (former TermD) where AirTran used to be. I haven't seen any planes at the D gates in years. I've also noticed that SW fares are typically the same or even higher than UA and AA so I'm interested to see how they'll stack up. Might just have to give them a try sometime for kicks.