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Southwest Airlines Celebrates 15 Years in Omaha


Last month, Southwest Airlines celebrated 15 years of serving Omaha.  Although the post is a bit tardy, we still wanted to share the festivities with you.


My My My
Another FUN day
Take a little peek
From our party in the O M A!

Nineteen ninety five
March 4, to be exact
We landed for the first time
And haven't looked back.

With pastries and cookies galore
And, of course, our LIFT coffee
Customers enjoyed the treats
While the DJ jammed his beats!

And with our Customers all around
And Employees dressed up to say
Thank you, Omaha
For partying with us this day!

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Did you know that's the day after Nebraska's Birthday? This is my home airport 🙂
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So THAT explains the balloons. I flew out of Omaha on March 4 to Denver, then on to Salt Lake City. It was my first Southwest flight. Kind of fun to discover this a month later.