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Southwest Airlines Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Purpose


In 2017, we announced our partnership with Mexican fashion designer Carla Fernández. To create these incredible products, Carla Fernández worked with artisans in seven different communities throughout Mexico who specialize in creating textile and embroidery designs and handcrafts that preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage. The Carla Fernández brand’s work combines centuries-old techniques and long-standing traditions in the creation of their designs.



Southwest Airlines is proud to celebrate LUV Seat: Mexico during Hispanic Heritage Month and all throughout the year as a part of our Repurpose with Purpose program. Through this impactful program, indigenous artisans have been able to incorporate their trades into the designs to create some incredible pieces while learning essential economic development skills through entrepreneurial training programs. Carla Fernández works closely with the artisans, who are compensated, as they learn how to develop new products and skills.


Stay tuned to for future updates, product details, and to learn more about our Repurpose with Purpose Program.


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