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Southwest Airlines: Connecting Me to the Important Things One Flight at a Time

New Arrival


It’s been nearly 11 weeks since I started as the Knowledge Management Intern in the Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards Department here at Southwest Airlines, and I am still trying to make sense of the crazy adventure.


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Throughout the past three months, I have traveled to eight cities (and numerous others if you count every connection), met some of the best People, and truly learned what it means to Live and Work The Southwest Way. Working at Southwest Airlines has taught me the value of loving what you do and who you do it for—a takeaway that will stay with me forever.


Southwest’s simple, yet incredibly meaningful Purpose is to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel.



Out of all the destinations I checked off my bucket list this summer, one trip in particular allowed me to experience that Purpose firsthand.


Southwest Airline’s Campus Reach internship program allows participants to take advantage of a few, unique WorkPerks. The program’s flight privileges gave me the opportunity to visit my cousin, Sean, who I hadn’t seen for a few years. Sean moved to San Diego, California a few months ago after accepting a chef position at Tidal in Mission Bay.


A few weeks ago, the stars aligned and I headed to the West Coast on one of Southwest’s Boeing-737s. It was a weekend (more like 18 hours) filled with family, friends, beach time, and great food. The trip also gave Sean and I the opportunity to catch up, share family news, and update each other on our busy lives. This much needed, quality time would not have been possible without the ability to hop on a flight to San Diego with a moment’s notice.


Southwest gave me the opportunity to reunite with my Cousin and explore a beautiful city in California, two experiences I do not take for granted. Throughout my internship, my friends and I made memories like sticking our toes in the sand while soaking up the sun on stunning beaches. Although I’m sad that the summer and my internship are coming to end, I’m thankful for every memory and friend I made along the way. Thank you, Southwest, for connecting me to what’s important in my life—adventure, family, and friends—all summer long.


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