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Southwest Airlines Creates the Perfect Blend


Have you heard?  Southwest Airlines is venturing into the music, food, and wine business!  Now, before you get too excited, we’re not starting our own SWA band, or having chefs on our planes; we’ll stick to what we know best.  But we are the official airline sponsor of Live in the Vineyard (LITV); a three-day event taking place twice a year in Napa Valley.  LITV consists of a series of exclusive “winner-only" acoustic concerts, wine tastings, and chef demonstrations; giving event-goers a total immersion in music, food, and wine!

To kick off our sponsorship, we held a mini-LITV event at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park located in the heart of New York City.  New Yorkers had a chance to grab a preview of the LITV experience while enjoying an intimate acoustic performance from one of the November headlining bands, O.A.R., along with light food and Napa wines courtesy of ‘wichcraft. 


As the official airline sponsor, Southwest will fly LITV contest winners to and from the Napa event on a Boeing 737 which proudly displays a Live in the Vineyard decal.  This aircraft will be flying across our system during the next month and will offer a spontaneous outlet for exciting artist in-flight events and Live in the Vineyard-inspired ‘surprises' for our Customers.  Who knows, you may find yourself sitting next to a pop star!

For updates and a chance to win tickets to this exclusive event, visit to register.  

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DYING to go to Live in the Vineyard...hope I win! I LOVE OAR!