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Southwest Airlines Community

Southwest Airlines Employees Share the Spirit

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See real Southwest Employees as they make a difference in their communities.  Read more about this new set of commercials. As the spots point out, while our People might work as Flight Attendants, Pilots, or Mechanics; who they really are is seen when they are away from Southwest as volunteers who help families with seriously ill children, travel companions for World War II Veterans traveling to the Memorial for the first time, or mentors in the fifth-grade classrooms
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The first time I saw this add I was really wowed. What a way to show what your brand is all about. I think the warrior spirit is there and everyone knows the history of the fun LUVing attitude but a commercial that shows Southwest's servants heart is really special. I love the commercials and I think its a great way to show how Southwest's people really are the difference. is where I choose to show my servants heart. - Arvin
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Greetings! Our son is in the classroom scene. He is the boy with red hair and freckles. We love Southwest and couldn't be prouder of our youngest! The Key Family