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Southwest Airlines Employees and Green Tuesdays

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Happy Green Tuesday.This week is a definitely a week to celebrate Southwest Airlines' environmental efforts, as it is Green Week and the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on Thursday, along with National Volunteer Week.  For the past two years, we've been providing Green Tuesday tips to our Employees on our internal website, SWALife.  These tips are primarily sent in from Fellow Employees who share how they make their lives more efficient and save money while helping the Planet. 

Since it is Green Week (and thanks to the folks at RD2, Inc. for the "Green motif" on the blog), I thought I would share some of those ideas with you this week.  Here is a round up of tips sent to the Green mailbox in the last week.  I hope all of you will resolve to do one thing Green this week, whether it is recycling, turning off the lights, volunteering, reusing, or reducing in honor of Earth Day.  Stay tuned for more posts this week that celebrate Southwest Airlines' commitment to giving back and protecting the Earth. 

Go paperless: Help a friend, parent, grandparent, or anyone change their monthly bills from paper to digital.  If every adult in the U.S. did this just once, we would save millions of paper sheets! 
- from Patty, Community Affairs and Grassroots.

I flatten all my old cereal, cake mix, cookie, and rice boxes and reuse them rather than use gift boxes.  Put a ribbon on a Cheerios box and you will not even have to wrap it.  Colorful, fun, and GREEN! 
- from Houston Hobby Customer Service Agent Carroll

Recycle an old can!  Wash it out, get some earth-friendly paint, and paint your can something fun. Get some potting soil and your favorite herb and you have yourself a cute little planter ... this brightens up the place, smells great, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!
- from Ft. Lauderdale Operations Supervisor Ally

DING!  You are now free to be Green.