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Southwest Airlines Fun in Amarillo

Frequent Flyer C

Christi Day and Caleb Fox head to Amarillo, Texas in search of some amazing places to visit. Please be sure to check out our interviews with some of our awesome Employees in Amarillo.

Southwest started service in Amarillo on December 12, 1978, with four nonstop flights. Our 51 local Employees currently operate 12 nonstops and carry 64 percent of the local airline market.
Explorer C
What a great little vid...I need to get me to Amarillo!
Frequent Flyer A
Methinks I will be flying to Amarillo soon for some of that fried rattlesnake.
Explorer C
Why didn't Caleb man up and eat the steak? Highly disappointing!!!
Frequent Flyer C
Something interesting that I found out is that not only do you have to eat the steak but you have to eat a baked potato, salad, shrimp cocktail, and a roll. We were told that Joey Chestnut, the famous hot dog eating contest winner, ate it all in about 8 min and the reason that it took him that long was because his baked potato was too hot. I don't have those type of skills or stomach.
Aviator C
Hey Christi, How come no rattler for you? Sounds like Caleb had all the fun. So Caleb, do you eat rattlesnake with gravy, or ketchup, or maybe tartar sauce? I'm sure the Customers are relieved to know that no snakes are grazing the restaurant parking lot. Blog Boy
Frequent Flyer C
I eat it straight up with nothing to garnish.
Frequent Flyer C
I tried it off camera and had to dip in in ranch dressing. It would've helped if we hadn't seen the LIVE snakes before they served us lunch : ) It was a great trip though! More "FUN in...." videos to come! Any city suggestions??
Explorer B
I love this video clip about Amarillo. How fun is this? Makes me want to go eat at this steak place, however I will pass on the snake!!!! No way. Keep up the good work Caleb and Christi. I look forward to seeing more videos like this one from other cities with a SW hub. Erica
Explorer C
Great clip. But for really good food, come to Louisiana and have some crawfish. Now that would be worth a trip to New Orleans I would say for sure. SW comes this way, so bring your camera and come on down. Tibodeaux from Louisiana