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Southwest Airlines Holiday Traditions...

Adventurer A
Each year as the Holidays near, our HDQ in Dallas, TX is magically transformed into a winter wonderland.  A Team of Elves almost magically overnight transforms the hallways and nooks and crannies of our HDQ building into something magical.  This is something that I've come to look forward to year after year. swa_2007-ornaments-final.jpgAnother tradition that we have here at Southwest is a Holiday Tree Ornament.  I've collected them for quite sometime.  In addition, they make great stocking stuffers for my mother, grandmother and sisters.   What are some Holiday traditions that you and your family share?  Share them with us as I'm always looking for things to make memories for my family and friends.  Happy Holidays and Merry Festivus (for Brian)!
Aviator C
The ol' Festivus Pole is up next to the chimney, James.
Explorer A
I'm posting a link to my personal blog about this. Among other things, my family watches Christmas Vacation after Thanksgiving dinner and we put up our lights the next day.
Frequent Flyer C
Due to other, Santa Claus is coming to town, arrival traffic to DAL is experiencing gate holds in excess of one minute. Complete with intellicode remote control and series II electronics. Completo con control remoto Complet avec telecommande Ding! boy Joe!
Explorer C
I just read that Southwest Airlines flew home 180 soldiers/airmen for Christmas. The soldier, Texas National Guard on their way to Afghanistan, were apparently granted leave because their deployments were delayed. I don't know any of these people, but I am so touched by this corporate gesture. It must mean alot to their families, and as an American, it means so much to me. I will always remember this kindness by Southwest when bookin my next trip. I was on a website that showed one of the soldiers hugging his girlfriend at the airport. It is what Christmas is all about. Thank you Southwest for reminding us what Christmas means.
Explorer C
With all the bullshit commercialism going on, you guys did a great thing flying our Troops home free of charge! Great work! Andrew Sugar Land, TX
Frequent Flyer B
I couldn't decide which one to put this under, but just want to say Merry Christmas! 🙂 I want to wish an especially Merry Christmas to my SWA friends Shannon & Jennifer, who work at my airport, & all of my other friends who work for the Company! LUV to all! :) SWA LUV!
Explorer B
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to watch the movie A Christmas Story. Well, imagine my surprise, when, last week I found that folks at the Burbank station (BUR) put up their tribute to the film. Fortunately, I had a camera with me and was able to snap a few photos. These aren't the greatest shots, but hopefully they'll give you some idea of the holiday display:
Frequent Flyer C
Leah, How have you been? Did you have a major power loss? electricity is your friend except when you are underwater. Ding! boy joe!
Explorer B
I work in Operations in Indianapolis. I was working today, Christmas Day, and the first flight I worked was flight 475 from Baltimore to Indianapolis. As I pulled the jetway up to the aircraft and opened the door, the flight attendant told me that Santa and Mrs. Claus were on the flight. I looked at her and said "What?" She again told me, and I said "OK" sarcastically, thinking she had drank to much eggnog. She said "No, really! Their sitting in the front row". So I looked in, and sure enough there they were. I asked the flight attendant if this was some PR stunt, and she said "No, they're fans of Southwest". She told me that during the flight that they passed out toys to the children and other passengers that they had brought on. Watching the whole scenario play out during deplaning, they didn't leave the front of the aircraft until all the passengers were off, wishing everyone as they left, A MERRY CHRISTMAS! After everyone else had gotten off the aircraft, Santa and Mrs. Claus stayed and took pictures with the crew. Mrs. Claus even gave the Captain and First Officer a kiss. I decided that I couldn't let them get away without some appreciation. So, before they walked off the airplane, I made an announcement in the gate area that Santa and Mrs. Claus had flown in from Baltimore and would be leaving the jetway shortly and I encouraged the waiting passengers to wish them a Merry Christmas. They had no idea I had done this, but they came out of the jetway ringing bells and bellowing "Merry Christmas" to everyone. The Children in the gate area were jumping and yelling, while everyone else was clapping. The Captain of the flight told me that we needed to get their names and send them a letter, but they would have none of that! I shook Santas hand as he left the jetway and said "Thank You, Merry Christmas!" He took a moment and shifted his luggage to the other hand and then shook my hand. It was one of those moments that I will never forget! Selfless people doing random acts of kindness! It was awesome! Before boarding, we had to do a crew change. The new flight attendants came on after Mr. and Mrs. Claus had left. I told them that the Claus' were on the flight and she said, "On my way down the concourse, I saw Santa go into the bathroom! That must have been him!" But there are somethings about Santa that should still be kept a secret, right? It was just what I needed to get me into the Holiday Spirit at the last minute. Santa, if you are reading this, please know that you and your wife touched many hearts today! I guess Rudolph was a little too tired to get ya back to the North Pole after last night, so you chose the Best Airline in the World to get you half way there! I have to admit that SOUTHWEST AIRLINES HAS THE BEST PASSENGERS! Working in the airline industry for the past 9 years, I have never heard of another passenger or couple doing something like this for an entire plane load of passengers on a flight! Ya, I wasn't able to be with my family on Christmas Day, but this flight made it worth while. I can't tell you how many people thanked me for working today, as they either exited or entered the aircraft. One lady was getting off, and she handed me a small mitten with a card inside. The card simply said "Merry Christmas" with a $5 Starbucks gift card inside. Another lady was boarding a flight and she left a candy cane on my gate reader. People like to know that they are appreciated, and I certainly felt this today. I just want to say "THANK YOU" TO EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER FLOWN SOUTHWEST AIRLINES! You have given 33,000 employees job stability and profit sharing, and the satisfaction of knowing that people DO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!
Adventurer A
So what airborne traditions do you have when the flight your working is in the air at the stroke of the new year such as tonight's Midway to Seattle flight?
Explorer C
Where can I buy Southwest Airline ornaments? My husband has worked for Southwest for 21 years and I would love to do our game room tree in airplane ornaments.