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Southwest Airlines Is First Among Airlines in the American Customer Satisfaction Index

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Customer satisfaction results for five industries show improvement for many of the largest companies in the travel and restaurant industries, according to a report released today by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The report covers satisfaction with the quality of products and services
provided by airlines, hotels, restaurants, fast food, and express delivery services....

Southwest Airlines drops 2% to 79, but still leads all airlines for a seventeenth straight year. The nearest legacy airline is Continental, up 4% to 71. The aggregate of all smaller airlines such as Jet Blue and Alaska Airlines is in between, dropping 3% to 75. American Airlines and US Airways are far behind but show sizeable improvements, up 5% to 63 and 62, respectively. United makes the biggest gain, up 7% to 60, although it is still last in the industry. Delta drops in the wake of its merger with Northwest, falling 3% to 62.

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