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Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways add BCS flights

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 By Tim Eaton  | Monday, December 7, 2009, 11:21 AM

Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways have added additional nonstop flights to Southern California for the BCS National Championship game between The University of Texas and The University of Alabama.

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When will Southwest be In Greenville, SC(GSP) Soon I hope!
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I understand it's a major decision, but I'm personally surprised that it's taken Southwest so long to consider Greenville, SC for operation. It would drastically improve airfare via competition in the GSP airport, and simultaneously steal back a large number of travelers flocking to CLT and ATL in search of lower fares. Not only that, but GSP would also be prime placement to fill a huge gap in Southwest's route map. Although Southwest doesn't offer international service, Greenville County represents some of the highest per capita international investment, which means a large number of business travelers. Obviously it also doesn't hurt that Greenville County is home to regional, national, and international headquarters for more than 75 companies...and that's just Greenville county!