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Southwest Airlines Lands at Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival

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The Chipotle Cultivate Festival this year drew thousands of visitors to Golden Gate Park cip1in San Francisco, City Park in Denver, and Lincoln Park in Chicago for free celebrations of all things sustainable, including food, ideas, and music! Southwest Airlines joined other corporate leaders in sponsoring the 2013 Cultivate Festival, which highlights everyday ways people can positively impact the environment.  By engaging the community, the festival was a fun and tasty way to educate on how to live and eat in more environmentally responsible ways. Attendees tasted their way throughout the festival and enjoyed each of Cultivate’s six fun “experiences” such as Farm Facts, the California Avocado, Fresh vs. Processed Foods, the Tabasco experience, and the Cinema experience presented by Southwest Airlines.  Southwest Employees who support our Green Team’s efforts passed out peanuts and pretzels and spoke to people attending the festival about our shared commitment to the environment and sustainability while introducing them to our short film, “From the Heart.”  Throughout the day, attendees were able to visit with Southwest’s Green Ambassadors in the parks and learn about how Southwest encourages recycling. chip2 At the recycling and compost areas throughout the festival, which Southwest sponsored, we were able to highlight the great work and responsibility we take in our own successful co-mingled recycling program. More than 100,000 people attended the 2013 Cultivate Festival in San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago! This great event allowed us to engage with the community and our Customers and let them know about all the great things our green-minded Employees are doing to foster environmental stewardship in our Company and in our communities—and, that we do it all from the heart. chip3