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Southwest Airlines Media Day 2010: Brand Strategy Update

Explorer B
Today is an exciting day for me, as I get to represent the nearly 35,000 Employees of Southwest to all the bloggers and journalists attending our annual Media Day event!  As Employees, we all know what an amazing Brand we are so privileged to work for. Today, I shared with our media partners the outstanding results of our efforts in building our legendary Brand. We opened the day by showing the evolution of our Bags Fly Free campaign, showcasing the results of our brand research showing how we are truly Winning Customers to Southwest. Our Brand research clearly shows the momentum our Brand has seen over the past year, and we all know what a challenging time it has been in the industry. Here are some of the headlines we shared: · Our Brand commitment scores—"It’s my favorite airline and I’d go out of my way to fly with them/one of the first I’d consider flying"—are at an all time high. · The Brand Commitment Gains are especially true with Business Travelers. · We continue to stay committed to not charging a Change Fee. · Despite the industry shrinking in capacity, we are growing market share and driving Brand preference. Thanks to my Fellow Employees for the work you do every day in Winning Fans to our favorite Brand—Southwest!