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Southwest Airlines Opens the Information Superskyway

Frequent Flyer C

Peanuts, pretzels, Yahoo!? Thats the question for some
Southwest Airlines Customers today as the airline tests a potential
onboard wi-fi solution. Southwest is the first to test aircraft to
satellite technology in commercial service. Southwest Airlines, in
conjunction with Row 44, equipped one Southwest aircraft with the
technology and is set to equip three additional aircraft by the end of
March 2009, and is partnering with Yahoo! to offer an inflight homepage with destination-relevant content for the new service. Southwest will be testing the technology in commercial service for the next few months.
Explorer C
I would pray that headphones would be mandatory!! I have been on too many Southwest flights where a noise problem arose because a passenger was using a DVD player with no headphones, sometimes having the volume loud enough for his two friends sitting on either side being able to "enjoy" the movie with him. Please - no cell phone use on Southwest Airlines.
Explorer C
I disagree with John -- I'd be fine with cell phone use inflight and think it would be a good thing. I likely wouldn't use it much myself, but I wouldn't be bothered by someone talking on a cell phone any more than I would be bothered by them talking to their travel mates. If we want to do away with annoyances, let's prohibit small children on flights 🙂
Explorer C
I read the news on Yahoo. Felt compelled to offer a comment. I hope internet access is not provided. While I understand the addiction, I will seek out airlines that do not allow it. People have little consideration for the person next to them...the younger, the less considerate (just a generality, but generally true). And cell phone use, even worse. I had a young lady next to me on a flight running two cell phones texting away (even after the announcement to put them away). Non stop clicking keys for two hours !!!!!
Explorer C
Hmm that iPhone should have been placed into airplane mode THEN turned the wi-fi on. That way the cell antennas turn off and the only one on is the wi-fi. Helps a lot when you are at a Starbucks in Mexico and don't want to have the phone accidentally jump on their cell network and have AT&T charge you an arm and a leg later on. If this does make it into service hopefully they mention how to make their gadgets "safe".
Explorer C
thanks for the video I would be glad to volunteer for testing your service. Just send tickets for MDW. I think it will be well received with email and IM being the most popular. Good blog too.
Explorer B
Great concept and I will enjoy using my computer on flights. However said, I hope SW will require headphones for all users. Very, very annoying to have fellow passengers inflict their music, movies, etc. onto me. Please pass my comments to those that make decisions. Thank you Southwest for moving with the times. Much appreciated. Erica
Explorer C
Dear Anonymous person from yahoo: The fact of the matter is that there are countless business hours lost when people are flying on an airplane. Being able to use the internet will allow businesspeople to be more productive, and make better use of their time. As far as "consideration" goes, I fail to see how me using a laptop is being inconsiderate of the person next to me. Finally: Good luck finding an airline that doesn't offer this service. It's the wave of the future because it will bring in additional revenue streams for cash-strapped airlines. You're going to have to just suck it up and deal with it. -- Michael from Orlando
Explorer C
wi-fi: GOOD cellphone use: BAD I think this is great that you are offering wifi service, but I agree with banning the inconsiderate ones who would use it for chatting and watching videos without headsets. I hope the flight attendants are strong willed enough to tell them to mute those devices!
Explorer C
I don't like the idea of cell phones for the simple fact of respecting your neighbor. It is very impolite to have a conversation in a crowded room, nonetheless on an airplane. Even worse, you all know those loud talkers that claim they are NOT talking loud. Can you imagine the decibel level at 32,000 feet? I would rather hear a screaming baby.