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Southwest Airlines...Our One-Month Anniversary in the Big Apple


This week marks the completion of Southwest’s first full month operating from New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA).  Over the past month, we’ve had the pleasure of serving many long time Southwest Airlines Customers who are now enjoying Southwest’s service from their preferred airport. And service is not the only thing Southwest has to celebrate in the Big Apple!

As many of you know by now, Southwest also opened the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park.  Instead of investing in the traditional advertising means, Southwest chose to, once again, step outside the lines and try something a little different.

We opened the Southwest Porch in mid-June with our partners ‘wichcraft and Bryant Park and just ask anyone—the place is rocking!  The Porch hours have been extended, the restaurant reviews are raving, and New Yorkers can’t get enough of our Southwest Airlines hospitality.

Each week we have Southwest Airlines Employees cleverly disguised as brand ambassadors (their real jobs are in places like Marketing, Finance, and Communications) chatting with Customers, educating folks on the Southwest brand, and even raffling off a very valuable Southwest ticket or two. And as you can see from the photos, everyone is surrounded by the Southwest Airlines logo and our token yellow!

So many folks have raved to our brand ambassadors about Southwest Airlines and are so happy to have low fare, nonstop service from LGA to Baltimore/Washington and Chicago Midway. We’ve even gotten a few pointers on how to improve our service (no one’s afraid to share an opinion in NYC!). Weekly the snack, sip, and get to know more about Southwest Airlines happens in the most talked about outdoor eating venue right smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. 

Tonight, we’re hosting a group of our Twitter fans who promise to be a great time.  If you’re not already, follow us at, and get a front row seat to all the action.  For more about the Southwest Porch click here.  And if you’re in Manhattan, please stop by and say hi!  We’re ready to meet ya!

Explorer C
I was just in NYC for business and really enjoyed the Southwest Porch. How long do you plan to have that at Bryant Park? My girlfriend and I are going back to the city (on Southwest, out of Houston Hobby for $99 - how sweet is that?) for her birthday and I think she'd enjoy relaxing on one of those porch swings.
Explorer C
WN should offer flights from MHT to LGA. US Airways offers flights from Boston to La Guardia on A319 Jets and brands them as US Airways Shuttle. It would be awsome to fly from MHT to LGA
Explorer C
PIT-LGA is Southwest's for the picking. From everything I've read, Us AIrways is losing money at LGA, and they have consistently reduced service to PIT in general. If Southwest were to pick up the route (I know --you need slots), I have every confidence that US Airways would fold.