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Southwest Airlines Salutes Fathers Day: Our CEO, Gary Kelly, Shares His Thoughts

Explorer A

Like most of you, Father’s Day for me starts with thoughts of my dad, who will be 87 this year.  He, along with other powerful father-figures, have had a profound impact on my life.  What a pure blessing it is to have a dad like mine.

Time goes by and sons become fathers, along with more life lessons.  I’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters and have enjoyed years of Father’s Day celebrations. This Father’s Day will be different though.  You see, my dad is now a great-grandfather.  He thinks it’s funny that I’m a grandfather! 

I couldn’t be more proud to report that, on May 4, the Kelly family welcomed our first granddaughter into the world.  Our oldest daughter, and her husband are wonderful parents!   And, of course, one granddaughter just isn’t enough.  So, we’re thrilled that our youngest daughterand her husband also are expecting their first child in November.  I cannot recall a time, ever, when my family has been happier.

I love being a grandfather. It’s all it’s cracked up to be.   As I hold little my granddaughter, I can dream of all the possibilities that lay before her.  She will have many highs and lows, but the one constant will be that she will always be loved.  She will have her granddad right by her side, supporting her and cheering her along.  (In the meantime, I haven’t had to change one single diaper!)

It was such a joy to have some of my Southwest Family recently meet my granddaughter on her first visit to Southwest Airlines!  We have such a special Company.  As I have shared the many joys in our Employees' lives over my 24 years at Southwest, it is a treat to share mine with them, too.  It just reminds me, again … that is what families do—share with each other.  And at Southwest, truly, we are Family. 

Happy Father’s Day!