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Southwest Airlines Salutes Mother's Day: A New Mother Reflects

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It's a whole new world this Mother's Day

If you are about to be a new parent, I’m confident that you’ve been told “your life will never be the same again.”  Friends and Coworkers seem to find mischievous joy in sharing this life lesson with their less experienced peers.  I preferred to laugh off the premonition and told myself that I’d be different.  I’ll sling that baby on my back and continue on with life as I know it – golf trips with my husband, wine with the girls, evenings out to dinner – but for the past seven months, life has been unexplainably different in my new role as “mommy.”

I am now the glowing-with-pride mother of Anna, and am forever changed by the humbling experience of parenthood.  Every day, I am in awe of how Anna has grown and how all of her tiny little parts work just as they should.  What a miracle.  I was once a mostly logical person, but am now completely irrational when it comes to the potential hazards of pointy objects and am convinced that evil germs are attacking my home.  Ridiculous.  But looking at the world through Anna’s eyes has made it a much more beautiful place.  I now notice the leaves on the trees, don’t worry about getting the entire kitchen wet at bath time, and even smile at three in the morning when she can’t find her binky.  So Anna, as your daddy puts it, thank you for making me smile even when I don’t want to.