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Southwest Airlines Salutes Mother's Day: I Love You Mama!

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Mothers day has always been important to me for many reasons...but
my number one reason is that MY mom, Linda, is definitely a woman
 to be celebrated! Having been her only child and raising me on her own, it was on this day every year that I could express my sole appreciation and love for her. Whether I tried to show it by cooking a homemade breakfast (usually with me pestering her all through it trying to find items I needed in the process), a funny card, or even a "free" backrub (minus the eye roll and dollar-per-minute charge for extra spending money), I wanted her to know how special she was to me.

Having been at Southwest almost 12 years now, my mom also has the
benefit of my flight privileges.  We've been great traveling buddies 
on numerous trips such as: a few times to Paris, criss-crossing the 
country to go to the beach, rodeos, airshows, hockey games, not to 
mention quick day trips to places like LA, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. 
But on all of them-together.

Our usual Mother's Day trip has been back to my Grammy's house in 
Peoria, IL, so that all three generations can celebrate together. 
Because my mom lives in Phoenix (the desert) and I live in Dallas (the 
concrete jungle), this trek usually meant our being like the musical, 
and having to "Meet Me In St. Louis." From there, our bonding in the 
drive usually involved catching up with lost conversations missed in 
our daily phone calls, heavy spring storms (some with tornadic 
activity), "freak exercises" (created BY us, to keep our blood moving 
in the car), and the annual reminder of how much green there really is 
in a Midwestern spring!

Celebrating mom is a little different this year, because we're meeting 
in Pittsburgh to see the Penguins-Montreal Canadiens in their playoff 
series (Go Pens!). Anticipating another fun time with my mom reminds 
me how truly blessed i am to have such ready and easy access to seeing my awesome mom.

I'm excited for all of those new moms and moms-to-be celebrating their first mothers day, but my heart is also with all of those whose moms are no longer with them--especially if it's the first time without. I hope all of you moms out there enjoy YOUR special day! I love you 


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Hi, my mom needs a get away to some where nice! My mom works 10 hour shifts most of the time she has to work over time and does not get paid for it. Then when she gets home she takes time at home to clean, cook, and do things around the house. Another great thing about my mom is that she saved my life when I was 8 years old. There was a car going out of control, so she put her arm out and when the car hit use the air bag did not kill me! Dispite her broken arm she took me out of the car and then called 911. She held me until the police came. Then she had to spind time in the hospital to recover. Now she is a mom that works 24 hours aday. So I think that she need a vacation off. Please think about it!