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Southwest Airlines Set to Bid on Frontier on Tuesday

Frequent Flyer A

By ERIC TORBENSON / The Dallas Morning News

The fate of Frontier Airlines Inc. will probably be decided Tuesday in the New York offices of a law firm on Manhattan's East Side.

The Denver-based carrier's bankruptcy restructuring appears headed toward an auction of its assets featuring Dallas' Southwest Airlines Co. and rival Republic Airways Holdings Inc.

The two will take their original bids – $108.8 million from Republic, $113.6 million from Southwest – and raise them by $1 million increments in the presence of representatives from Frontier and its creditors' committee.

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Explorer C
I hope Southwest acquires Frontier. Republic is a regional carrier that doesn't even sell tickets and they operate for that mess United. Southwest can handle the load, offer good prices and the great customer service! Go SWA !
Explorer C
Southwest is like a parasite. It's time for once they don't get what they want. GO FRONTIER! I Will be a frequent flyer for life!
Explorer C
Adrian, If you'll be frequent flyer for life on Frontier, your life flying , like theirs, will be short lived...Good luck flying UNITED 😞
Explorer C
I'd have to say that Frontier is more like a parasite in their employees wallets. It seems that their hard-working, dedicated employees are making sacrifices every single month by making additional wage/benefit concessions. Some people may call Southwest the Wal-Mart of the skies, but the true Wal-Mart of the skies would be the company that treats their employees about on par with the way Wal-Mart treats theirs. Those profits from the past 8 months are a direct result of their employees getting paid sub-welfare wages; but, of course, as a passenger you wouldn't care what they are getting paid as long as you get your cheap flights, drinks, snacks and TV.
Explorer C
I think one of the reasons SW is not doing well in the Denver/Colorado market is that it doesn't understand the independent spirit of the west. Part of the reason people love Frontier is that our animals in a way symbolize our collective love of the breathtakingly beautiful wilderness that is right in our 'backyard'. SW does not get that. Also, all their talk about this acquisition is about market share, gates, etc., but i do not hear them actually listening to and thinking about the customer, who continues to fill Frontier planes to capacity.
Explorer C
I've flown Southwest a lot in the past several years (most recently last June) and love 'em! I absolutely won't fly anyone else and if Southwest doesn't go there then I don't need to go there! Hope their bid for Frontier is accepted.
Explorer C
I'm excited about Southwest's bid for Frontier! Hopefully, this will mean Southwest service to Atlanta and flights to Mexico, my favorite vacation destination
Explorer C
Give the public a choice when they fly. The more competition the better. Frontier you can purchase less expensive tickets if you do not want to check bags. Frontier has Direct TV at every seat. Who likes to stress about where you will sit on the plane? You can get an advanced seat assignment on Frontier. Do you want a funny flight attendant, or one who focuses on your safety? Frontier employees may have accepted a very small paycut, but it didn't affect their dedication to their airline, or their awesome customer service! Southwest had 1,400 employees accept buyouts to stay afloat. That's a lot of customer service out the window. It's only a matter of time before you charge for checking bags. One more thing, you've brain-washed folks into thinking you offer low fares with all of your advertising, but I think your fares are high. You must include free checked bags. I'm not checking bags, give me the lower fare. Give me FRONTIIER AIRLINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Explorer C
Who doesn't check bags when they fly? I think a majority of people do...especially on multi day trips. I think open seating is a whole lot better than assigned. You still get to your intended destination regardless of where you sit. Be sure to get your boarding pass 24 hours in advance. ALL of Southwest's Flight Attendants focus on your safety...While being funny. Southwest did not have to cut pay in order to provide awesome customer service. When you look at everything as a whole, we have lower fares if you include all the nickel and dimeing all the other airlines do. Frontier is not here to stay....If you're such a loyal customer, why are they in bankruptcy? Perhaps you should have started checking your bags so they would stay afloat!