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Southwest Airlines' Spring Storm Disaster Response

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We witnessed history in the making last week as flash floods pillaged the streets and homes of the Country Music Capital of the world, Nashville. The devastation continues to reveal itself as residents assess the damage to their homes and their historic city.

On Tuesday, at the request of the Red Cross, Southwest donated 24,000 cans of water to the Red Cross Chapter in Lebanon, Tenn. Our distributor, Bunzl, also contributed cleaning supplies to the donation.  Last week, Southwest donated $10,000 to the Red Cross to provide the much-needed cash to fund relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the destructive spring storms across our system.

Just days after the flood waters swept through Nashville, severe weather — including tornadoes and large hail — blew through Oklahoma and Kansas. Many homes and lives were affected, and thousands of people have been left without power. When responding to a natural disaster, Southwest’s first and foremost concern is the safety and well-being of our Employees and their families. Our next step is always to reach out to disaster response organizations like the Red Cross to assess the affected community’s needs.

Southwest works yearround with the Red Cross to evaluate needs and to prepare proactive and reactive disaster response plans.  Last fall, we held a systemwide collection drive for the Red Cross providing them with 5,000 comfort kits, which are used by relief workers on the ground for every type of disaster the Red Cross responds to.  We will continue to support their ongoing requests whether it is through collecting additional items for comfort kits, or providing supplies such as water when the opportunity can best meet the need.

To learn more about how you can personally prepare for any type of disaster including thunderstorms, floods, and tornadoes, you can visit, go to “Preparedness and Getting Trained” and select “Preparedness Fast Facts.”

If you wish to personally support the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, you may donate in one of the following ways:  Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation from your mobile phone, visit, or call 1-800-REDCROSS