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Southwest Airlines Station Leaders in New York and New England Have Fun-LUVing Bet for the Big Game

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There’s no doubt that Southwest Airlines Employees like to have FUN. To support the local teams and show their Fun-LUVing Spirit, Station Managers in the New York area and New England area have made a bet for the Big Game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants this Sunday, Feb. 5 in Indianapolis.

Team Patriots:

Boston (BOS) Station Manager Brian

Manchester (MHT) Station Manager Tom

Providence (PVD) Station Manager David


Team Giants:

New York LaGuardia (LGA) Station Manager Mandi

Newark (EWR) Station Manager Chris

Long Island (ISP) Station Manager Roszy


The losing team’s Station Managers will wear the winning team’s colors and serve ice cream to the winning team’s station Employees! We will be sure to post pictures after the bet is collected.


To accommodate our Customers traveling to Sunday’s game, Southwest has added flights between Boston and Indianapolis, Long Island MacArthur and Indianapolis, and Providence and Indianapolis. AirTran has added flights between Boston and Indianapolis and from Indianapolis to Atlanta.


If you are a last-minute booker and still haven’t found your flight, make sure to plan your trip with us at


Which team are you rooting for this weekend?

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It's ironic that you claim you are supporting the Patriots when you have cancelled the routes from MHT and BOS to PHL. I'd throw a red flag if I had one.