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Southwest Airlines Twitter Screenplay

Frequent Flyer C

 Thanks to everyone that helped contribute to the screenplay contest!  It turns out that we have a very "interesting" story to tell.  Please don't laugh at our acting skills.  Watch till the end of the movie to see the winner of the Nashville Film Festival Prize Package! 

Here are the lines we chose for the script.  Character, line, then contributor:

All characters standing in line at the gate area, Barbie bumps into Alfred, her bag flies open.


Tubbs: "lot of stuff you got here" Barbie smiles and says "you should see the bag I checked, thank goodness it is free" (laashley)


Tubbs: Didn't I see you earlier this A.M. in the Noshville Delicatessen at BNA? (shotgunconcepts)


Alfred: I really hope we're on N901WN today! (alisongroves)


(voiceover Alfred) Alfred notices Barbie's finger nail polish with concern. Does it exceed the 3 oz limit? Where is the 1 qt plastic bag? (henrypile)


Jill: You know Barbie, Southwest doesn't charge to check bags. This could have all been avoided..." (PhiloMediaSEM🙂


Barbie: I don’t know when I’m supposed to board the plane


Tubbs:  "um, darlin', what letter do you have on your boarding pass?" (DolceMeta)


Barbie: C12


Jill: (mumble) "Someone didn't check in online." (DolceMeta)


Tubbs: "Ma'am, you're prettier than that girl on the side of the plane." Alfred: "You can be on my companion pass anyday!" (briadavi)


 (SW Rep announces the start of boarding) (DolceMeta)


Tubbs: Headed to Dallas? Me to.  Not trying to brag but he says Im singing the National Anthem at the NASCAR Race On Sunday. (aroseofthanks)


Tubbs: "How 'bout I save ya a seat?" Barbie "really? that would be great! do you like, KNOW someone?" (DolceMeta)


(Alfred) thank god for open seating! (HifiNico)


Tubbs: Hey, y'all, Barbie and I are fixin' to hook up. Our first born will be called Bubbie because Tarbie jess ain't rat. (goinglikesixty)




(Steve Voice Over) uh, this is your captain speaking... we are expecting a smooth flight, so sit back, relax and enjoy the great service. (Toddon3)


Alfred trys to forget about the Barbie mess and starts focusing on trying to get a coveted exit row seat... (hrosas2115)


barbie: does 'turn off your electronics' mean i wont be able to tweet? OMG, how will i know if chelsea got her hair done? (alittleguitar)


Alfred: (mumbling) Mac or PC; Blackberry or iPhone; WoW or GTA; Dark Knight or Watchmen? Shouts: I FLY SWA!!! (goinglikesixty)

(Steve) This is the captain again, we currently crusing at 26 thousand feet, and expect an "on time" arrival at DFW, about 30 minutes. (Toddon3)


Tubbs requests an in-flight mirror, SW flight attendant looks puzzled, "I need motivation writing my new hit single. (BrooklynNomad)


Jill settles into her seat & sighs, waiting for the 10K ft. announcement so she can turn on her iPod & turn off Barbie's chatter. (ImageSpecialist)


Jill, eyes on pda, "the nerd is right. Thank god for cashless-cabin. I need a drink. A drink that is seven drinks." (johncessna)

Alfred You gotta be friggin kindding. Now she Sits down right next to me. I just want 2 use the WiFi & she is going to chat me to death. (mindlessbabble)



Steve: Captain here, we are now at a safe cruising altitude for you to move around the cabin, but seatbelts, when seated, please. (Toddon3)


Jill..."WHAT DO YOU MEAN TURN OFF MY BLACKBERRY????!!!!!!" (BrooklynNomad)


Barbie says to Jill: Twitter and cell phones aren't the same thing, so Southwest will let me airtwitter (GayleReinsma)


Jill asks for a double vodka after rolling her eyes at Barbie (GayleReinsma)


alfred, clearly annoyed at the disturbance, pulls out his science times from his bag (caliboynick)


Tubbs starting singing a tune & strumming his guitar for Jill. The song is titled, "Tubbs is a handsome young fella" (BrooklynNomad)


Barbie is looking out the window as Alfred, seated next to her whispers in her ears "I was the capt of my math squad" (BrooklynNomad)

Barbie: "that is so sweet! thanks!" Tubbs "I lost the girl to a geek?!" (DolceMeta)


Jill "but check out his sweet #iPhone and he is even tweeting. Now THAT is hot" (DolceMeta)


Barbie exclaims, "No way!"...I once dated a math teacher in order to pass my Algebra course! Cool! (BrooklynNomad)

Tubbs blushes and smiles shyly. Starts showing Jill his iPhone apps and invites her to play chess against him. (laurz)


Alfred says, "ya know, there is an average of 19 peanuts in every bag." (gameplanhayden)


Alfred then mentions that he has figured out the perfect mathematical equation in order to get the most miles w. SWA (BrooklynNomad)


Tubbs: I'd sure 'preciate a Mr&Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix and some of them little bags of peanuts! (shotgunconcepts)

Tubbs walks back to his seat after assisting Jill and plops down between Alfred and Barbie, killing Alfreds moment. (BrooklynNomad)


Nashville, Barbie, AND peanuts... what else could a guy ask for (thinks Tubbs)... this could make for a #1 hit song! (amyfloyd)


Tubbs starts strumming his guitar, Barbie swoons and Alfred rolls his eyes. (BrooklynNomad)

Jill pulls out her third and fourth free drink ticket of the flight - she loves Rapid Rewards! (GayleReinsma)


Steve: "We are going to be landing soon, please place your seat back and tray tables in the upright, locked position." (Toddon3)


Alfred tries on concentrate on page 27 of "Spirit," Southwest's in-flight magazine. He's not a big fan of Tubbs' song. (grashop88)


Jill suddenly sings LUV, LUV, LUV, all we need is LUV LUV LUV (ok this will lose something on film, but I ❤️ SWA. (BBQandBourbon)


 Tubbs says: "Wheeee Doggies" (dogswithcones)


Meanwhile Barbie is using her currency converter in order to figure out the exchange rate between the US & Nashville (BrooklynNomad)


Tubbs & Barbie plan their next trip together. Alfred reminds them of the $49-$99 fare sale. Jill offers to book it. (AJinSoCal)


STEVE (as passengers get off the plane) uh, Buh by, bye, bye-bye, bu-bye, bye now, thank you, bubye. (Toddon3)


Thank you for flying Southwest. The end. (BrooklynNomad)