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Southwest Airlines and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Frequent Flyer C

Southwest Airlines went behind the scenes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in El Paso, TX. Watch designers Eduardo and Paul unload Cargo off of our 737 and what it takes to film this awesome show!
Explorer C
How cool is this? SWA at work again in the community.
Explorer B
Great clip. I watched this episode last night and think Extreme Makeover does good work for families in need. They showcase what individuals are doing in their communities and how we can all work together to help others. Erica from Dallas

Explorer B
I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition almost every week and it always makes me smile at the end when they say "Air Transportation provided by Southwest Airlines." Its like "hey, that is 'my' airline." I've always wondered, when they send the family to a non-Southwest city (one went to Paris, France, for example), does Southwest help with the cost of air travel? Also, I've wondered when the family lives far from a Southwest city, how does that work?