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Southwest Airlines and the New York Stock Exchange

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In late June, Southwest Airlines celebrated its 30th Anniversary of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and our CEO, Gary Kelly, and several other Officers were in New York to celebrate and ring the bell!nyse.JPG For those of you who may not know, our ticker symbol is "LUV," which is appropriate for us at Southwest as we do everything with a big heart. Since June 27, 1977 (when our stock was first traded on the New York Exchange), Southwest stock has split 13 times.  So what would this mean to you if you had invested in a maverick airline that was known for crazy antics and hot pants? If you had purchased one share of stock way back when in 1977, your investment today would be worth approximately $3,800 (using the closing price on August 1, 2007). Many of our Employees did just that, and now we have millionaires working at Southwest.  Don't be surprised the next time you are on a flight and see one of our great Employees in action because you just may be talking with a millionaire.  They are like you and me; however, they invested in a great Company, and the return on their investment surpassed their expectations. Other little known facts about our financial info now and then:



Total Net Income $7,545,000 $499,000,000*
Total Revenues $49 million $9.1 billion*
Total Employees 892 33,195**
Total Aircraft 10 489**
Total Cities Served 9 63**
* - At year-end 2006.
** - At first quarter 2007.
We have come a long way baby!