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Southwest Airlines gives its onboard coffee a LIFT

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Beginning today, Southwest Airlines will serve a new coffee onboard its aircraft called LIFT. LIFT is a rich, dark-roasted, 100-percent Arabica blend of South and Central American coffees. In an effort to enhance its Customer Experience, the airline will serve the upgraded coffee blend in new, 8 oz. eco-friendly paper cups. The cups are made from 12 percent post-consumer recycled materials with built-in sleeves made of 99 percent post-consumer recycled material.  In addition to new coffee and cups, the airline will serve individual Coffee-Mate® liquid creamers instead of powdered creamer. The best part of all is that Southwest Customers are getting these upgrades for FREE! 


Check out Southwest Airlines’ company blog, Nuts About Southwest, to view a video on the new coffee and the first blog post written by Herb Kelleher, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Southwest Airlines.


Southwest Airlines has the opportunity to extend its Servant’s Heart and participate in a worthy cause through the new coffee initiative. Southwest will donate money based on the amount of LIFT coffee Customers consume to a charity called the Guatemala Light Project. The Guatemala Light Project brings light to isolated villages in the coffee-growing regions of Guatemala. Many of these villages are in complete darkness when the sun goes down, yet light is an essential part of community and social development. Southwest’s donations will help support a self-sustaining co-operative that supplies homes with solar-powered LED light systems and trains villagers how to install them. So the more coffee that Customers drink, the more Southwest Airlines will donate!

After almost 38 years of service, Southwest Airlines, the nation’s leading low-fare carrier, continues to differentiate itself from other airlines—offering a reliable product with exemplary Customer Service.  At Southwest Airlines, there are no hidden fees. Customers can check their first two bags for free (size and weight limits apply), there are no fees for a window or aisle seat, and, as always, snacks, sodas, smiles, and coffee are all complimentary!

Southwest Airlines is the most productive airline in the sky and offers Customers a comfortable traveling experience. 

Southwest offers all premium leather seats and plenty of legroom with a young all-Boeing 737 fleet. Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) currently serves 65 cities in 33 states. Based in Dallas, Southwest currently operates more than 3,300 flights a day and has more than 35,000 Employees systemwide.

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That is one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. Really look forward to those early morning flights!