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Southwest Airlines offers Fare Sale for Summer Travel

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Southwest Airlines launched a new advertising campaign today announcing the airline is putting its already low fares on sale! In an effort to get Customers off their couches and on summer vacation, the airline is offering airfares starting as low as $49 one-way on

Check out one of the new commercials here. These fares are available through 11:59 pm PDT May 14, 2009, and require 14-day advance purchase for travel Tuesdays and Wednesdays by October 28, 2009. To get these special fares, click here. Examples of these low fares include (see Fare Rules below)

$49 one-way between Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood and Orlando


$69 one-way between Columbus and St. Louis


$89 one-way between Las Vegas and Seattle/Tacoma

$99 one-way between Nashville and Detroit


After almost 38 years of service, Southwest Airlines, the nation’s leading low-fare carrier, continues to differentiate itself from other airlines—offering a reliable product with exemplary Customer Service.  At Southwest Airlines, there are no hidden fees. Customers can check their first two bags for free (size and weight limits apply), there are no fees for a window or aisle seat, and, as always, snacks, sodas, and smiles are all complimentary!


Southwest Airlines is the most productive airline in the sky and offers Customers a comfortable traveling experience.  Southwest offers all premium leather seats and plenty of legroom with a young all-Boeing 737 fleet. Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) currently serves 65 cities in 33 states. Based in Dallas, Southwest currently operates more than 3,300 flights a day and has more than 35,000 Employees systemwide.




Fares are available on Southwest Airlines sale fares are available with a 14-day advance purchase beginning April 28, 2009, and travel must take place between May 12, 2009, and Oct. 28, 2009.  Travel valid only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sale fares slightly higher on other days of the week. Fares do not include a federal segment tax of $3.60 per takeoff and landing.  Fares do not include airport-assessed passenger facility charges (PFC) of up to $9.00 and U.S. government-imposed September 11th Security Fee of up to $5.00 one-way. Travel to/from Ft. Myers, FL or Washington D.C. (Dulles) not included in the sale.  Seats are limited. Fares may vary by destination, flight, and day of travel and will not be available on some flights that operate during very busy travel times and holiday periods. Fares are available for one-way travel. Fares may be combined with other combinable fares.  When combining fares, all rules and restrictions apply. Fares are nonrefundable but may be applied toward the purchase of future travel on Southwest Airlines.  Fares are not available through the Group Desk.  Any change in the itinerary may result in an increase in fare. Standby travel requires an upgrade to the Anytime Fare. Fares are subject to change until ticketed. Fares are valid on published, scheduled service only.  

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I have been SW airline traveler for a long time have a frequent flyer nuiumer. Since I retired I have a desire to travel and see places, I have not seen or saw a long time ago. At one time I use your web site where the special fare were listed and then decide what day I could travel using the special fare. The day did not matter. Quite often I want to take advantage of special offers and I choose the site and the date only to find out that the special fare does not apply. I find it fusstrating and as a result do not travel as much. Thank you
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I haven't seen a DING fare from Minneapolis in about a month. Did you guys forget about us?
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I recently bought a new PC and since no longer get the DING fares.
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I have noticed the same thing with the "specials" and Ding fares. I have wanted to express myself for a while now. Even my friends, family and co-workers have communicated the same feelings to me, so this week; I sent an email to Southwest to let them know how disappointed I am. I use to use Southwest quite often for business and personal use; however, I have not seen a low fare from and to BWI for quite some time. I am planning a vacation to Orlando in August. I have found nothing on DING. Currently, Southwest is offering $64 going down (nice); however, coming back (on a Monday) the fare is $119 (except for a really early and late flight). Recently, I decided to shop around and I found that both Airtran and US Airways websites have cheaper round-trip fares than Southwest. Today, I did a search on Travelocity only to find that Northwest and Delta also have cheaper round-trip fares. The response I received from Southwest included the following: "When determining the different fares that we can offer to our Customers, our Revenue Management Department evaluates several factors (some of which are: historic load factors; peak and off-peak travel times; etc.). Based on the results of their study, they determine what fares we can offer at a discount while still maintaining a profitable flight." That is really unacceptable!!! In my opinion, since Southwest started flying out of BWI, service has picked up tremendously. The parking lot shuttle buses usually empty out at the Southwest stop. This should lower fares, not increase them. A couple of times I have driven up to PHL because the fares were cheaper, but I am tired of doing that. At the end of the month, I am taking Amtrak up to Massachusetts (Yes, even Amtrak was cheaper than Southwest this time around and I can work while I am on the train). When I fly in August, unfortunately another airline will probably get my business.