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Southwest Announces New Service to Grand Cayman and Additional Service to Cabo San Lucas

The following post is by Network Planning Senior Analyst Jon Selig.


Beach in Rum Point on Grand Cayman islandBeach in Rum Point on Grand Cayman island

It’s interesting how when we think about the future, we often connect it with the past. Recently, my children and I were talking about going to the beach soon. Being a part of Southwest Airlines means that going to “the beach” is not just a drive to whatever is nearby. It means being able to travel to the bright sunshine of so many Florida destinations, particularly the dramatic sunsets of Tampa and white sands of Pensacola, or to see the mesmerizing sunsets of California and the Pacific. I told my children about the time their great-grandmother took me to the Cayman Islands. The trip to this special place with its enchanting beaches, an exciting boat excursion to the famous Stingray City, and an invigorating walk through the botanical gardens holds memories that I still treasure today.


Today, we’ll pick up that conversation as I get to tell my children about Southwest’s new flights. We’ll all be able to make our own memories as we launch new daily service to Grand Cayman from Fort Lauderdale, starting June 4th. We are also excited for yesterday’s announcement regarding new service between San Diego and Cabo San Lucas starting April 25th, making SAN our 15th international gateway. In addition, there is more service from Austin this summer, including Saturday service to Pensacola


It’s going to be an exciting time to travel to the beach this summer with our loved ones. We can all look forward to such wonderful opportunities to make new memories with our friends and families, bridging the experiences of our past with the hopeful eyes of the future. Thanks for all of your support and for all that you do. Have a great day, everyone!


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