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Southwest Airlines Community

Southwest Announces The Southwest Community Champions Program

Retired Community Manager

It won’t surprise you that one of our favorite holidays here at the LUV Airline is Valentine’s Day. And since it’s such a big deal around here, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to unveil some new (and exciting!) features on The Southwest Community.


The Southwest Community Champions Program

The Southwest Airlines Community is designed to be a place where Customers can interact with other Customers. We learn and we grow because of the knowledge and experience you share with others, and now we’re offering an opportunity for those who contribute the most frequently to be officially recognized as trusted voices within the Community. Learn more about this new program HERE


The Outreach Page 

Southwest Airlines is focused on connecting People to what they love, and we believe in doing that by being a champion for the communities we serve. Check out the newest section of the Community HERE to learn more about how Southwest gives back by Loving People, Living Responsibly, and Building Resilience. 


Rank and Badge Changes

Within the Community, you can earn a variety of ranks and badges based on your activity. Writing blogs, posting comments, giving “loves” to other Members, and providing answers to questions that become “accepted solutions” are all ways that you can level up through the Community. Your top four badge achievements will now be displayed at the top of your Member profile. 



We can’t wait to get your feedback on these new features, so check them out and share your thoughts with us over in the Discussion Forum! Oh, and one more thing … will you be our Valentine?


Southwest Airlines Community

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New Arrival

Would like to sincerely thank Myra, Southwest agent at San Jose Airport for helping me find my lost iPhone. Discovered that I did not have my phone as I was going through the security where I put my phone in my purse.

husband did not bring phone, but, fortunately, Myra, employee number 65669, let me call my son and my cell. Unfortunately, son did not pick up either, but he did call back and informed Myra that the phone had fallen to the floor of his car and that it would be overnight mailed the following day. Myra then pages me and I went back to her gate where she gave me the good news. 

Brandon also helped me, but he left before I got his employee number.

Southwest is the best!!!

Carol Weaver, Los Angeles County Woman of the Year in Education, 56th District, 2010