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Southwest Brings Back Old Denver Tradition with the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park


At Southwest Airlines, we make it our mission to become engaged and involved in the communities that we serve in a meaningful and relevant way. It’s a way for us to make a positive contribution in each one of our 69 "hometowns" across the country, and one of the neat things is that our efforts take on many different forms, depending on what is important to the individual community.

It’s no secret that we LUV being a part of the Denver community. When we talk to Denverites and organizations like our friends at the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP) and ask them what they’d like to see in Downtown Denver, far and away the thing we hear the most is they want an ice rink. We heard them loud and clear, and today we are very proud to team up with the DDP and make this dream a reality for this city when we launch the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park this winter.


The Southwest Rink at Skyline Park will kick off the holiday season, opening on Friday, Nov. 26. The rink will be FREE and open to the public with the option to bring your own skates or rent a pair at a minimal cost. The Rink is conveniently located adjacent to the newly opened Southwest Porch at Skyline Park, which we unveiled last month to much fan fare. We’ll be serving up some food and snacks at the Porch as part of a special winter menu before or after you lace up your skates and hit the ice.

If you live in Denver or have plans to visit this winter, be sure to bring your skates and a friend to the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park – we’ll see you there!

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Keep showing our communities the LUV and we'll keep doing the same for your airline! Another reason I FLY SWA! Thanks for being an active member in the markets you serve. Sincerely, A loyal Customer
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The return of 2-1 credits promo flying in/out of Denver AND an ice skating rink for free....sorry Frontier, gonna keep flying the orange and blue 2X a week from Denver-Austin.....
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You are great! Hope Chicago gets the LUV next. I love flying Southwest.
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AWESOME :D I've lived in Denver for a few years and always wondered why Denver didn't have any outdoor ice rinks.. this is great!
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yay! i'm a short track racer. my husband trained at colorado springs, when the short track olympic team was based there. we would fly through denver. i'd LOVE to fly out to skate with daughter now 🙂 (her grandpa is us national short track champion for seniors. he flies to utah rink regularly from california)
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how much does renting ice skates cost?
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thank you ...thank you...thank you Southwest !