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Southwest CEO Gary Kelly Explains the Importance of Continuing to Operate During Pandemic


Southwest Airlines Chairman and CEO Gary Kelly continues to field questions and keep our stakeholders updated on important developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In this edition of Ask Gary, he talks about why it’s important that Southwest continues to operate in the midst of the reduced demand.   


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Mr. Kelly, You really should give refunds to us and also read the community blog on how terrible Southwest Airlines has been to customers. Many need a refund due to COVID19 and lack of income!  Your extension to June 2021 does nothing for many as well as I who do not know if possible to fly.  Push it out to 2022 and you will have continued support with some customers.


Let us use credit travel funds for other family members and change policy that they can be in someone else's name.


 I prefer a refund since I am retired and do not have a pension because I was a small business owner. My bills are piling up and not much coming in. My husband is retired and his health is in compromise. He may not be advised to fly for quite some time 


Your Bailout will support you , but who will support us. 

You will loose many customers if you fail to do the right thing