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Southwest CEO Gary Kelly Gives an Update on our Financial Position, the CARES Act, and our Community


Southwest Airlines Chairman and CEO continues to field questions and keep our stakeholders updated on important developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In this edition of Ask Gary, he talks about our cash position, shares his thoughts on participating in the CARES Act, and touches on our community outreach efforts. 


New Arrival

Hello Mr. Kelly-

I understand all of the policies with reference to Travel Funds when we cancel a booking. There are thousands of folks including myself who are very unhappy about the fact that these travel funds are only assigned back to the person who is on the cancelled reservation.

In my situation, there is close to $3000 worth of travel funds credited back to the folks on my itinerary that I paid for using my CC. Some of these folks were planning to come to the USA to attend a wedding celebration which has now been cancelled. 

They may never get to use these travel funds in the USA unless they visit here ...which is almost not going to happen again since visas and other arrangements are no longer possible.

In light of this current pandemic, I am asking you to please create some alternative method of crediting the unused travel funds of folks on the itinerary to the person who paid for the tickets instead of crediting back to their name. OR better yet. Create a process where the passengers on a given itinerary are able to transfer the travel funds to another passenger or to the person who paid for them. (Name on the CC). 

Your response is greatly appreciated.



New Arrival

Is there any change in the "use it or lose it" policy for group travel?


New Arrival

No change

New Arrival

I actually didn't mean to LOVE it, I thought I was clicking on the heart to UNLOVE it because I will be out over $2000☹️

New Arrival

Tjey want you to lose it so they can keep it!

New Arrival

The problem with Southwest NOT refunding anyone's money, which I'm sure many could use right now, is that they are now jumping in the line to take our hard earned tax dollars too!

It should not matter whether they cancelled the flight or you had to cancel due to the current situation.  They just held out until you cancelled first because you had nowhere to go.

This way they get to keep your money and take your tax dollars too.  

I say to Southwest, "Until you refund everyone that had to cancel, or you cancelled, good luck!  You don't deserve a bailout"!  

Welcome to the loopholes folks!

It's said that 3M took advantage of America and someone took control! 

But Corporations like this can screw the citizens directly by keeping their money and it's okay.

Top Contributor

Please post your issue on the discussion board @Joepappaly and others with the details of which cities and timing in case one of us fellow users can make any suggestions. The blog responses here are hard to respond as opposed to the discussion forums.