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Southwest CEO Gary Kelly says his Airline has the Best Bid for Frontier

Frequent Flyer A

Southwest chief executive Gary Kelly said that the Dallas-based carrier has a "superior" bid for bankrupt Frontier Airlines.

Speaking at the 12th annual Transportation and Infrastructure Summit in Irving, Kelly said acquiring Frontier will give it the opportunity to grow its customer base quickly in Denver.

"It's not to take out a competitor and shrink. It's to grow our market by adding that access to not only new routes that we don't serve but by adding more gates, more facilities in Denver," Kelly said.

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Explorer C
I can't wait to have Southwest Airlines take over for Frontier at DIA! It's going to be exciting to see Southwest grow!!
Explorer C
Please remember that it's not only pilots who work at these airlines. Both mechanics and flight dispatchers are also in unions that must figure out contracts and seniority. The decision should not rest solely on whether the pilots at WN are happy, rather if ALL labor groups are in agreement.
Explorer C
the F/As have no union at F9
Explorer C
In reading all of these comments from the higher ups at Southwest, it seems to me that it is all about Southwest. I personally think that this purchase would be very bad for Frontier and its employees. Watch your back Frontier... I don't want to lose you!!!
Explorer C
"the F/As have no union at F9" I never stated anywhere that the flight attendants at F9 have a union, as this is common knowledge. I said all labor groups must be included in the agreement, not just the pilots of WN.