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Southwest Celebrates National Green Week and National Volunteer Appreciation Week

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It’s a big week at Southwest Airlines! We’re excited to join the rest of the country to recognize National Green Week and National Volunteer Appreciation Week. There is a lot to celebrate, and we’re always up for a celebration around here. This week we’ll feature blog posts related to our Green Initiatives and our outstanding Employee Volunteers.  

Southwest Airlines' Commitment to the Environment:
Environmental Stewardship is a responsibility Southwest takes seriously, as minimizing waste and effectively using our resources (energy, people, and materials) helps us protect our most vital resource of all—the world in which we live. Efficient operations are the hallmark of our Company and the foundation of our environmental commitment.

Southwest Airlines' Commitment to Volunteerism:
We know the positive impact that volunteers have on communities is remarkable, and we’re proud to support volunteers and their missions. To pay tribute to our own Employee volunteers and to further our commitment to the communities we serve, earlier this year Southwest Airlines introduced a Tickets for Time program that allows Employees to use their volunteer time to earn tickets for their favorite charity. In addition, Southwest hosts Companywide volunteer events at least twice a year, and encourages volunteer opportunities to be a part of Station openings and anniversary celebrations.

For more information about Southwest’s commitment to Environment and Volunteerism, please visit

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I am a member of Blue Star Mothers of America Arizona Chapter 2. We are a volunteer organization, we all have children who are serving or have served in the military in war time. My son is ready for this 4th deployment this summer. BSM is a support group for mothers of these troops. We lend an ear to each other, give hugs when needed, we are available to each other 24/7. We are also here to assist parents who's children give the ultimate sacrifice for our country.. How can BSM AZ2 get on your volunteer T2T program
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Debbie, Thank you for sharing your interest in our Tickets for Time program, and more importantly, thank you for your service to Blue Star Mothers of America. BSM is an organization that we know well. Supporting our country's service members and their families is a charitable focus for us here at Southwest. If there is a Southwest Employee in your organization, encourage him/her to register volunteer hours with our Share the Spirit database for an opportunity to earn tickets for your chapter. The tradition of volunteerism at Southwest has always been grassroots in nature; and our Employees are encouraged to support organizations that are close to their hearts. In addition to the Tickets for Time program, Southwest provides direct support to various qualified 501(c)(3)nonprofit organizations. If you would like to request a donation, visit Again, my sincerest thank you to your son and the rest of your family for your service to our country.