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Southwest Employee: You think it, I draw it

Frequent Flyer A

It started with an invitation to participate in an art show that would present works by couples on Valentine's Day. Two MICA alumni, Christina Ayala and John Morris, decided to give it a try, and a twist.

"I had been kicking around the idea of telepathy for a while," says the Georgia-born Morris, 35, an adjunct photography faculty member. "We wanted to see if we could create art using the telepathic process."

Ayala, 40, who works for Southwest Airlines (she's originally from Texas), met Morris when they were both students at MICA about a decade ago. She was focusing on drawing and painting, not mind-reading. But the idea they came up with for that collaborative show was for Morris to concentrate on a single image and have Ayala attempt to draw it.

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Explorer C
Southwest Employees are amazing all the way around! Really interesting stuff...
Explorer C
This refers to an employee on Flight 1771 January 25, 2010 FLL to DEN SHANE is his name and he was just wonderful...he knew what he was talking about and made the uncomfortable ride (bad weather etc) very enjoyable. GREAT SPEAKER, KNOWLEDGE AND GREAT SERVER...Could tell he was proud of his Company. We flew from FLL to Sacramento and have been Frequent Flyersl for years. Thank you very much for the great service and say hello to Shane for us. Jim and Carol Fusaro
Aviator C
Jim and Carol, Thanks for your comments, and I have forwarded them to the proper individuals. We LUV ya. Brian