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Southwest Employees Celebrate a Decade of Service in Buffalo


For ten years, Southwest Employees have opened their hearts and shared their LUV with the Buffalo, New York, community.  So it comes as no surprise that our Employees celebrated their milestone anniversary with our Customers, marking a decade of Positively Outrageous Service at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF).

“When you think of Buffalo, many people think of snow or the breath taking views of Niagara Falls.  Buffalo is also known as the city of good neighbors”, said Ariel Swensen, Southwest’s Buffalo Station Leader.  “When I think of Buffalo, I think of our Southwest Employees who believe in good neighbors and who have served the community they love for the past ten years.”

As our 56th destination, Southwest began service to BUF on October 8, 2000, with 11 daily nonstop departures to four cities.  Ten years later, our nearly 60 BUF Employees are still working hard and having FUN as BUF now operates 18 daily departures to seven cities.

Southwest Customers and Employees celebrated this decade of service with treats, refreshments, music, and FUN; there was even a professional Massage Therapist available to pamper our Employees between flights! 


Andrew Wright, a Southwest Ramp Agent said, “Let’s party between flights.  See you when we’re 20 years old”!

A great time was had by all and we look forward to a long relationship between the Employees of Southwest and the Western New York community for many years to come!


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Congratulations SW BUF employees. I don't even know these guys but their happy faces have made my day. Now if only SW was in charge of the security lines, I might look forward to going to the airport again. On my next trip to Western NY, the pizza is on me.
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I had a great time helping the BUF Station celebrate this important milestone. So many great People work there and were more than willing to give their time to make sure the event went off without a hitch. Thank you to everyone that helped out, and congratulations to All on 10 years in BUF!! Southwest Airlines is very fortunate to have such a fantastic Crew in BUF. Take Care Clint
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I sure hope Southwest can last this long in Panama City. 64% loads in August sure isn't going to cut it.
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I grew up near Buffalo, watched the airport grow and wane over the years. If Southwest did not find a business opportunity there, the airport would just serve a few airline hubs with an occassional flight to Florida. So Southwest with its service to the West is really important to the business market in Buffalo.