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Southwest Employees Off the Clock: Picture Perfect

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At Southwest, we are known for our unique Culture and Fun-LUVing Employees.  And believe me when I say that they are as interesting off the clock as they are when they are working!  In fact, we often spotlight Employees and their hobbies in our Employee magazine, LUVLines.  Meet Bruce!

Bruce Lee Fulk Columbus Ramp Agent

I have drawn off and on all my life, but have never taken an art class.  After a long hiatus, I rediscovered my art in 2013 and now find that it’s a fun and relaxing hobby—as long as it doesn't interfere with my fishing and hunting season.  I drew this self-portrait on an 11x14 piece of white art paper using a variety of mediums—charcoal, a mechanical pencil for most of the fine detail, a kneaded eraser, and blending stumps.