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Southwest Employees Share Their Favorite ‘Hidden Gems’ Spots in the St. Louis, MO Area

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If you’re looking to get away for a few days or even a week, there are always places to go and experiences to be had—especially when you get to visit one Southwest’s 99 cities across the United States and 10 additional countries! Nobody knows a city and its hidden gems better than the Employees who live and work there. Check out a few of our Employees' favorite places in the St. Louis area and share your hidden gems in our comment section below!


View of St. Louis by nightView of St. Louis by night


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Walk During the Day Before Dancing the Night Away!

When the weather is nice, my fiancé and I like to go on walks in Forest Park. Located on the west side of Saint Louis, Forest Park offers many attractions, including a zoo, an art museum, and various lakes. While in the park, we often stop by the boathouse and grab a bite to eat right next to a lake, where you can rent paddle boats as well.


When the St. Louis Cardinals are playing, Ballpark Village is the place to go! You get all the excitement of being at the game without the cost. In addition, you can find good food and bars there.

When it is time to go out and dance the night away, you can’t beat Bar Napoli! This is our favorite place to go to by far. The DJs are awesome, and the atmosphere is fun and welcoming to all age groups. You can’t go wrong.

—Aaron Menolascino, Provisioning Agent

 Busch Stadium, downtown St. Louis, ballpark of the CardinalsBusch Stadium, downtown St. Louis, ballpark of the Cardinals


Around the Delmar Loop

Looking for a good lunch spot?  I have two words for you: Crown Candy! Known for its one-pound bacon sandwich and really thick malts, Crown Candy Kitchen is one of St. Louis’ oldest attractions and home to St. Louis’ oldest soda fountain.

After lunch, you can drive west of St. Louis to the Delmar Loop. Located on Delmar Blvd., the district is a fun place to walk around, shop, and eat. You can find everything: coffee shops, record stores, workout centers, barber shops, and restaurants. Don’t feel like walking? You can ride the new train!  However you get there, make sure you stop by The Blueberry Hill Pub and Restaurant—one of the best spots in town, and where Chuck Berry and his sons once performed.

If the Delmar Loop didn’t wear you out, dancing at Boogie Nights at the Hollywood Casino and happy hour at the Sub Zero Vodka Bar are always fun!

For a more relaxing time, Shaw Park offers colorful flowers and nice walkways, and the rooftop Twilight Room will give you a great view of the city. Come prepared to have fun!


—Daryl Goodlow, Provisioning Agent


Cathedral Basilica of Saint LouisCathedral Basilica of Saint Louis


From Fishing to Trolley Cars

Lake of the Ozarks, located three hours away from St. Louis, is surrounded by state parks and national forests and is internationally known as a boating and fishing “Mecca.”


Trolley cars are coming back to the Loop soon. These one-car trolleys’ train tracks, replicating the early 1900s style, will run the length of the Loop into Forest Park.  


For an overnight stay, try the Moonrise Hotel. The rooftop bar there has plenty of comfy seating, drinks, food, and an awesome view of downtown St. Louis. The rooms are ultra-modern and eclectic.


Rick Huch, Provisioning Manager

 View of downtown St. Louis with Arch and CourthouseView of downtown St. Louis with Arch and Courthouse

Endless Fun

 The St. Louis area has endless activities and sites to see. Some attractions are even free!

  • The Louis Zoo is one of the BEST in the country, and it's free to enter.
  • Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill is one of my favorite places to eat. It's a casual Cajun restaurant where they serve a mean shrimp and grits!
  • Grant's Farm, formerly owned by the Anheuser Busch Family, is home to more than 100 species of animals. Adults can also drink free beer!


—Cynthia Hendricks, Customer Service Agent


St. Louis Adventures

 We have the World Chess Hall of Fame located in the Central West End neighborhood. It has a variety of restaurants like Scarlett’s Wine Bar, which has great pizza. St. Louis is also known for its toasted raviolis, so for some Italian, try Paul Manno’s Café, which is located in a strip-mall. It doesn't look like much, but by far has the best Italian food! And of course for the best BBQ in town, check out Pappy’s Smokehouse!


There’s also Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park near the airport, where I enjoy walking. They offer canoe, paddle board, and kayak rentals. If you feel adventurous, you can zip line at “Go Ape” in the park.


—Sherri Bakalar, Customer Service Agent



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Explorer C

As a St. Louis native, I concur. But don't forget!


Imo's – get the toasted ravioli

Ted Drewe's – get the apple pie concrete (it's custard! not ice cream!)


Yummy ... thanks for sharing CLH5!