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Southwest Employees Share Their Servant's Hearts

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Every June and November, Southwest Airlines Employees throughout the country grab their aprons and bring their culinary expertise to families at Ronald McDonald Houses for our Companywide dinners. I take great pride in working for a Company that supports such an amazing organization like the Ronald McDonald House.  I have coordinated and participated in every meal our Station has prepared for the house since Greenville–Spartanburg International Airport opened in March 2011. This past week, four Southwest Airlines Employees and two family members cooked Sloppy Joes and provided macaroni and fruit salad.heart2 Anyone who has loved a child facing a serious illness, disease, or trauma can identify with these families.  Many of them are learning new terms and lab values, making difficult decisions, and experiencing emotions they never thought they would have to face.  For those who aren’t fortunate enough to live close to the hospital where their child is receiving treatment, a home away from home near their child is a true blessing.  Not only do they have a supportive staff to help them with any challenges they face, but they also have a comfortable room and meals. Knowing we’re making a difference for these families by providing a warm, hearty meal is a wonderful feeling.  I look forward to keeping this tradition alive and preparing meals for our local Ronald McDonald House in the future.