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I was walking in downtown Chicago recently, and I happened to walk into the Borders bookstore on Michigan Avenue.  I went in to pick up some new books to read on my overnights.  I picked up a copy of The Power Broker by Stephen Frey and The Second Horseman by Kyle Mills.  If you are into political / mystery / thrillers, I think these two books would be a great read. So, after I found the two books that I really wanted, I decided to go over and look at their massive periodical section.  As I was perusing the aisles, I happened upon the aviation section.  As my eyes were wandering over the selection I noticed an Airways Classics magazine No. 3.  Lo and behold, it is ALL about Southwest Airlines and our thirty-five (35) year history!  This is a MUST have for any Southwest Airlines fan.  As I opened the front cover, a picture of fellow blogger Brian Lusk was on the front inside page.  Evidently, Brian has been writing for this magazine since 1989.  I'll go ahead and give you a tease about what is in the magazine and then you can go out and purchase a copy for yourself.  The contents of the magazine include:  35 Years of Luvin' You, Creating Southwest Liveries, Southwest's Other Boeing, Southwest's 3-D Scrapbook, The Next Generation, Thoughts on A Legend, The Heart of Southwest and Gary Kelly:  Reflections and Vision. The magazine also has some great pictures.  So, this afternoon, instead of reading one of the new books that I purchased, I spent the afternoon reading about this GREAT Company that I work for.  If you happen to pick up a copy, be sure to come back here and let Brian know what a WONDERFUL job he did authoring, compiling, and sharing this information with us. WAY TO GO, BRIAN!AirwaysMagNo3