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Southwest Gains Passengers by Skipping Fees

Frequent Flyer A

By Justin Bachman

The $15 you fork over at the airport to check a suitcase helps a financially ailing airline's bottom line. Perhaps it persuades some families to drive instead. But can this $15—and the other fees airlines are piling on—be prompting passengers to switch airlines?

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Explorer C
The last time I flew, I decided to switch to SouthWest because of the cost of extra luggage. $15 can sure put breafast on the table in this bad economy. Every little helps out and Southwest takes care of the little people like us. I will fly SouthWest all the time.
Adventurer B
It's amazing what happens to an airline when they respect and truly value their passengers :-) Paul In CRP
Explorer C
Has anyone had anything stolen from their checked luggage? I flew from STL to MCO on 10-14-09 and have discovered missing items of value. What should I do?
Explorer B
Hi Mary, I would contact the baggage service office at both airports, to see if anything was turned in.
Explorer C
Also try calling CSA in originating city to see if they've got something there.