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Southwest Intends to Serve Four Hawaii Airports


Today, Southwest Airlines announces our intent to serve Honolulu, HI (Oahu); Kahului, HI (Maui); Kona, HI (Island of Hawaii); Lihue, HI (Kauai). While we do not yet have details to share on exact dates or routes, they do represent our initial footprints and top priorities for the soonest service in the State of Hawaii.

Fun fact: did you know each island has its own personality? Oahu can energize, Maui will captivate, Island of Hawaii inspires, and Kauai just might rejuvenate you. There’s so much beauty to discover on each of the destinations—which island are you the most excited to explore? Or, for those Hawaii regulars, which location is calling you back?

Additional details will be coming soon, so continue to check back for announcements on mainland gateways, future schedules, and more! Mahalo!


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Aviator A

Excellent news! All great cities, hope to visit them soon.



Retired Community Manager

Agree, @TheMiddleSeat! I can't wait to explore Hawaii!

Aviator A

This is great news So excited! Can't wait to fly to Hawaii on the LUV airline.



Adventurer B

This is more like a torturous tease-announcement 😉  GIT 'ER DUN!


I can't wait for you guys to get this launched! We have family on Kauai and are looking forward to flying SWA, courtesy of the Companion Pass, to get there.


And we'd really appreciate it if you'd give us Phoenician's some non-stop flights to the islands from PHX -- and yes, I know that's unlikely to happen, at least anytime soon.

Explorer C

We really would like you to fly into Hilo.

Adventurer C

I am so excited about this! Now I just have to find a boat and a driver so I can barefoot water ski there! 

Explorer C

Exciting news!!  Can't wait to jump on Board!!

Explorer C

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart

Adventurer B

How about the flight between the Island?


Thank you



Explorer C

I am disappointed in no Hilo...there are already plenty of airlines and flight options into Kona from anywhere SWA might fly out of - was really hoping for new routes, not more of the same. 😞

Explorer C

Can't wait to work for you guys😁😁😁

Explorer C

Here’s a vote for ONT!  

Explorer C

Great News!!! Will SNA be on the list of departures?

Explorer C

So excited my favorite airline is going to Hawaii-just in time for my 40th wedding anniversary!!!

Explorer C

This will be just in time for our 2Oth wedding anniversary and we have been saving all our rapid rewards points for the trip in fall of next year! Neither of us have ever been to the Hawaiian Islands and are very excited!

Explorer C

 "This is more like a torturous tease-announcement Smiley Wink  GIT 'ER DUN!"


Wheeeeennnnnnnnnnn?!?!!?? We got the unofficial tease when you put the 737-MAX into play. Now we have the official tease. Please stop teasing us!!


Explorer C

Will pets be allowed in cabin to/from Hawaii? I hope so. The only option now is Alaska 🙁

Explorer C

FANtastic! Hoping that there is a direct flight from DEN, and that the fare is not too high!

Explorer C

What airports are you flying from? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!

Explorer C

I am sooooo excited this is happening.

I am overjoyed that this is happening.

I hope it happens before October 2018.


Aviator C

Best news!  The culture of Hawaii, and the service of Southwest actually make sense. I’m really excited over this announcement. 

Frequent Flyer C

Awesome! From SFO I'm guessing?



Explorer C

Aloha all,


Great to hear some exciting news.  Just wondering if you folks are going to hire, or contract to other airlines and if so when?

Explorer C

I can't wait until Hawaii comes along its been a very long time since I've been back to Hawaii. I've always loved southwest especially growing new routes.

Adventurer B

 How far can Boeing 737 can fly? From there we can figure out where SW can fly from.

Frequent Flyer C

The Islands are Luv'ly

Explorer C

This is exciting. I'm ready!!!!

Explorer C

Yeah!!!  Can Iget with someone to coordinate taking the Negative Split Triathlon camp to Kona?  We go every year!!

Explorer C

Went to Lihue for our anniversary last year and LOVED it. Just found out we are having a baby in November and would love to go back to Lihue or Maui on our “baby-moon”.

Explorer C

 I can't wait to start planning my trip!

Explorer C


Let's GO!

Explorer C

I was told quite awhile ago that you Southwest was going to begin flights to Hawaii.  I waited a long time hoping that you would begin before our planned trip, but  I finally had to use another airline.  I am happy that you are in the final planning stages now though, although we probably will not return.  It was a wonderful vacation.

Explorer C

I am beyond thrilled at this new and exciting opportunity for the SWA family. The timing is starting to line up nicely with my pending sabattical at work so 2019 is looking to be a very promising year. 

Explorer C

That’s awesome news

Explorer C

Let's get this completed, we want to spend our 50th Anniversary there and we want to do it sooner than later...........

Explorer C

I have worked for the airline industry for years. When will you be doing the hiring process for the Big Island of Hawaii>? Been talking about your airlines for years, and now that its happening...I can't wait till you guys get here. Its about time we get competition with Hawaiian airlines. 

Explorer C

Can flights please start by September 2018??? Don't make me fly Alaska or United! 🙂

Explorer C

So happy to hear this news!!! I am also looking forward to being a SWA team member as well!!!

Explorer C

PHOENIX!!!! Please consider a Phoenix to Hawaii route! I'm partial to Maui but I'll happily go to any of the islands. 

Explorer C

Amazing! We can't wait. Thank you.

Explorer C

Aloha Southwest Airlines,


 This is great opportunity for going welcome to hawaii islands, 

I hopefully you getting keep a spirit of aloha. 



                           Kekoa Ka`aumoana

Explorer C

Hawaii is the last US state I need to visit to have been to all 50!  Can't wait for Southwest to open these routes!!!  

Explorer C



To Hiring Recruitment Team Memebers,


How can I be notified for when you will be hiring staff for Southwest Hawaii? I would truly love to work for your distingushied corporation and want to be able to apply before apllications get closed (I am asssuming there will be more applicants than availble opportunities). 


Thank you,


Shelli Rivera

Explorer A

I am so excited. Southwest is growing and I am looking forward to going with it. : )

Explorer C

Can't wait. Hope the service is for the 2018 winter holidays.

Explorer C

 I would like to fly Southwest to Hawaii!!

Explorer C

Hey everyone! I was just researching all this and I see several of you asking about the departure airports for the Hawaii Service.  I found them...
"nonstop service from Oakland (OAK), San Diego (SAN), San Jose (SJC), and Sacramento (SMF)."
I am excited for the new routes to Hawaii, and also for the inter-island flights that will be offered!  I just got back from Oahu and I hopped to Kauai one day and the current fares between the islands are not super easy to swallow. I am looking forward to some Southwest-ing in that area also because I want to explore more of the islands while I am there next time.  
It sounds like it may be right at the end of 2018 or into 2019 before the service starts to Hawaii.  I am planning to go again before that, so hopefully we will get an early surprise! 

Explorer C

Yup, flying inter-island is sometimes just as expensive as cheap fares to the mainland primarily due to the one main inter-island carrier.  I'm hoping Southwest will bring competition to the inter-island market and help bring prices down!


I was also hoping Southwest would have direct flights to the Las Vegas hub.  I think only Hawaiian Air currently flys direct to LAS.

Explorer C

There are a TON of us in the Palm Springs area that spend our Summers on Maui in order to escape the desert heat.


PLEASE add service between Onterio (ONT) <California not Canada>

and the Hawaiian Islands!  The Inland Empire loves the Islands too.

Explorer C

Do we have an update on when this is happening!? Specifically SAN to HON?? Can't wait to be able to visit my family on my #southwestfam plane!