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Southwest LUVs Flint!

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Flint Graphic Southwest Airlines strives to be the hometown carrier in each of the cities we serve.  To show our LUV for Flint, Southwest Airlines has developed a grant program, Southwest Airlines LUVs Flint, to empower college students from three local schools to submit a plan on how they would help beautify the city.  The grant program is open to the following schools in the Flint, Mich. area: University of Michigan-Flint, Kettering University, and Mott Community College. Enrolled students are encouraged to identify, plan, and execute a long-term economic development project to improve, redevelop, and/or beautify the Downtown Flint area.  Here’s a chance for students to turn on their creative juices, to think big, and to think differently about what’s possible for their community. We’re looking for projects that will create innovative solutions and identify a community need. The best project idea will be awarded $5,000.00 for the winning student to go out and execute their great plan. For a full description of program submission eligibility and submission needs, review the terms and conditions below. Submissions Include:
  • A completed “Southwest Airlines LUVs Flint” Grant Application form – request from your school contact listed in the terms and conditions below.
  • A 60-90 second video submission uploaded to YouTube – see video specifications in the terms and conditions below.
Judging Criteria:
  • Idea/project must connect/focus with the passion and uniqueness of the Downtown Flint area
  • Idea/project must be problem-solving and significant for community innovation for the Downtown Flint area.
  • Idea/project must change, inspire, and impact the lives of the local Flint residents
  • Idea/project must be collaborative, with partners demonstrating willingness to change to be more effective together.
  • Idea/project must be resourceful, making the most of existing community strengths and resources
  • Idea/project must be thoughtful, realistic, and address the identified community need and/or opportunity.
  • Applicant must have the capacity to execute the work effectively, or have a plan to meet the needed capacity.
The grant program contest is open from October 3 through November 4, 2013. Deadline to submit all applications: November 4, 2013, 5:00 p.m. EST. Think differently.  Show Innovation. Be creative!  Southwest Airlines LUVs Flint; If it matters to you, it matters to us.   Southwest Airlines LUVs Flint Grant Program Terms and Conditions: 1.  Eligibility.  Participation in the “Southwest Airlines LUVs Flint” Grant Program is open to undergraduate students currently enrolled in or student organizations currently affiliated with any one of the following institutions:  University of Michigan-Flint, Kettering University, or Mott Community College.   Employees and immediate families (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) of the independent judges and Southwest Airlines Co., its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, owners, employees, and agents are not eligible to participate. 2.  Entry.  To participate, each eligible student or student group should submit a proposal to design and implement a community based project to improve, redevelop, or beautify an area within the Flint Downtown Development Authority area.  The project budget is $5,000, and the successful student or student organization will be expected to be involved in implementation of their project.  Proposals should be submitted on the approved proposal form available by contacting: Mott Community College Dawn Vanniman Student Life Coordinator 810.762.0022 Kettering University Myra Rawls 810.762.9743 University of Michigan-Flint Gary Ashley Outreach Project Coordinator 810.424.5458 Proposals are due in person or by email by 5:00 pm ET on November 4, 2013.  Limit one (1) entry per student or student organization.  Southwest Airlines and its community partners are not responsible for technical, hardware, software or telephone failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections or fraud, which may prevent submission of a proposal. Each entry should include:
  1. A completed “Southwest Airlines LUVs Flint” Grant Application form
    1. Application Includes:
i.    A completed Beautification Project Sketch, Plan and/or Photos. ii.    A completed Project Budget Worksheet. iii.    A completed Project Planning Worksheet.  
  1. A 60-90 second video submission uploaded to YouTube
    1. Video should include:
i.    Description of beautification project ii.    Title must include SWA LUVs Flint (for search purposes) iii.    Tags must include SWALUVsFlint (for search purposes)   3.  Selection.   Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of independent judges from the Flint community.  A successful proposal will be judged on the following criteria: (i) connect and focus with the passion and uniqueness of the Flint area; (ii) problem-solving and significant for community innovation; (iii) change, inspire, and impact the lives of the local Flint residents; (iv) cost no more than $5,000; and (iv) contain a plan to implement the proposal by April 30, 2014.  The independent judges will submit five (5) finalists to Southwest Airlines for review on or about November 15, 2013, and Southwest Airlines will determine the winning proposal from the finalists on or about December 9, 2013. 4.  Grant.  The winning proposal will be funded with a grant of $5,000 paid to the Winner’s school.  The Winner’s school will work with the student or student organization to implement the winning proposal project with a completion deadline of April 30, 2014. 5   General Terms.  By submitting a proposal, student or student organization agrees to follow these Guidelines and hold harmless and indemnify Southwest Airlines Co., the Communities Foundation of Greater Flint, and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents against any and all liability, damages or causes of action (however named or described), with respect to or arising out of either the student’s or student organization’s participation; or (ii) the receipt or use of the grant awarded.   Students and Student Organizations agree that the decisions of the independent judges and Southwest Airlines related to this Program are final.  By participating,  the student or student organization of the winning proposal consent (i) to be present at the award ceremony, and (ii) to the use of their names, likenesses and/or voices for any advertising or promotional purposes without further consent or compensation. Winner hereby agrees and consents, without further authorization, compensation, or remuneration of any kind, to the use of winner's name and/or likeness in any and all advertising promotions and other publicity conducted by Southwest Airlines Co. or the Communities Foundation of Greater Flint, except where prohibited by law.