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Southwest Leadership Pays Tribute to Colleen

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Some of the great Leaders at Southwest shared their thoughts about Colleen in this tribute video.  It was created as part of an event held recently in Dallas to honor Colleen and Herb Kelleher and raise money for the Frontiers of Flight Museum.  After having the honor of coordinating this video shoot, it became so evident that we probably could've put together a few hours of footage! There were so many great memories of Colleen!  Thanks to all who participated and thanks Colleen for providing such great "content!"



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I wish I could express the emotions that run through me when I think of Southwest Airlines. I am thankful for the opportunity to work for a GREAT Company. This is my second career and I know it will be my last. Thank You Colleen for your compassionate heart.
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I am a resident of the Lehigh Valley Area in Pennsylvania who often travels. I fly with you quite often because you have non-stop services to many destinations in which I travel. However, Philadelphia International Airport is so fay away and Harrisburg is evn further. I live very close to the Lehigh Valley International Airport. I would hate to stop my companies and my own travel with your airline, especially since the Lehigh Valley International Airport has such a terible selection of airlines and flights. Also, now with the new casinos and other great businesses and attractions coming to the area, it is one of the best oppertunities you will ahve this year. I and the citizens of the Lehigh Valley would be extremely greateful to your company. Thank You Very much For Your Time, A.R. Celaschi