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Southwest Partners with DISH to Offer Free Inflight TV

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Too busy traveling to keep up with your favorite shows?  Not anymore! Southwest is currently offering free live and on demand TV onboard all of our 400+ of our WiFi-enabled aircraft, compliments of DISH. Southwest’s TV package is powered by Row 44, Southwest’s satellite-based WiFi provider, and is streamed directly to most Internet-ready personal devices on most flights. The TV product currently has 13 live channels (Bravo, CNBC, Food Network, FOX 5 New York, FOX Business Network, FOX News Channel, Golf Channel, HGTV,, MSNBC, NBC 4 New York, NFL Network, and Travel Channel) and more than 50 TV episodes from popular series. (NFL Redzone, which is a premium channel available on Sunday afternoons during football season, will not be part of the free TV offering). To access TV inflight, simply launch your internet browser using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access the Inflight Entertainment Portal. Then, select “Watch TV” from the homepage, which will connect you to the 13 live channels and on demand options. Check out Spirit Magazine for a comprehensive list of compatible devices and instructions on how to connect. Enjoy, fellow TV LUVers—I know I will!
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I think the entertainment would be great if I could use it on my Motorola Razr Maxx or my Nexus 7. To use the entertainment you need to have Flash, so only computers and I think some Ipads have flash built into it. I hope the requirements to watch the entertainment change sometime soon, it seems to be a waste when you can not use it on mobile or tablet devices.
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You gave free Ipads to every passenger on just one flight?? How is that, where's mine or my opportunity to get one? Which flight do I need to be on? I've been a regular Southwest passenger for decades. Vern
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To leave android users (the largest mobile segment) out of this offer is a huge insult. To top it off, your info says that "some android devices work", but you refuse to say which ones, or what is needed for the dish tv to work on android. I looked all over for specific info on using android devices with the free dish tv, but could only find speculation that flash was required for this service to work. I tried android browsers with flash enabled, but still couldn't get the video window to play. If you aren't going to do it right, you just end up insulting and aggravating a huge segment of your customer base. If that is what you hoped to achieve, then congratulations! Mission accomplished!
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Unfortunately; I have found the internet to be slow at best on most flights. I can't imagine trying to watch television using it considering that it takes a full 1-2 minutes to actually send an email.
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Tried to watch on my android tablet with no luck.
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Southwest you better catch up to speed and start making your movie watching and TV watching compatible with Android systems. You obviously are starting to p*** off a lot of people. Wake up southwest, it seems to be there are more Android people out there then the Apple.
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I have tried this on Android: Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Galaxy 3s, and no-named versions of tablets and it works great. Just use a browser that supports flash such as dolphin with flash option turned on and enabled.