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Southwest Recognized as a Customer Champion

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Last week, we learned that FORTUNE has once again recognized Southwest as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies for the 20th consecutive year, for our Leadership, corporate responsibility, and innovation, among other attributes. This week, we are being recognized yet again for the outstanding Customer Service our Employees deliver day in and day out to you, our Customers. J.D. Power released its 2014 Customer Champions, a list of 50 companies “that demonstrate the ability to provide the highest level of customer service based on their most important critics—their customers.”  When recognizing these companies, J.D. Power surveyed hundreds of thousands of people across the United States at more than 600 brands to get the Top 50.  When ranking a customer service experience, J.D. Power noted that those they surveyed compared across all industries, not just one.  I am particularly proud that the consistently friendly and warm Customer Service delivered by our People has resulted in Southwest being recognized as one of the best at providing customer service excellence in any industry.   We know that we aren’t always perfect at Southwest, but it is gratifying when we are recognized for trying hard and doing the best we can, even during those times when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate! Southwest is working hard toward our Purpose of connecting People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel, and I congratulate Southwest Employees on this honor that recognizes their Warrior Spirit, Fun-LUVing Attitude, and Servant’s Heart as they serve our Customers each and every day.
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Congratulations on being recognized for providing excellent customer service. In the years I've flown with southwest, I have had positive experiences, but I am now experiencing a long drawn-out customer service process that is changing my opinion of your airline. I submitted a complaint on 9/14/15 about my cell phone which has been sent to Lost & Found by Southwest Customer Service at BWI (Reference #286025638366) & haven't yet received a response. My phone fell out of my bag at the terminal as I was waiting to board, & the flight attendant reached someone at the terminal desk who recovered my phone, assuring me that it would be waiting for me at Customer Service upon my return. Somehow, my phone, w/my name & Itinerary number, was sent into the labyrinth of Lost & Found and I have been without phone for over a week. I'm extremely frustrated at the employee error which led to my phone getting sent to Lost and Found and w/the lack of responsiveness in helping me to retrieve it. 1. Someone sent my phone to Lost & Found, knowing how impenetrable that system is, even though my name & itinerary was attached to it. WHY? 2. Once the employee at the Customer Service desk determined that my phone was in Lost & Found, he told me that he wouldn't be able to submit a request or a claim to begin the process of recovering it. WHY? When I make a mistake at my job (or someone else does) we have to make every effort to rectify it. 3. I submitted my claim on 9/9 & followed up with a call to Customer Service on 9/11 to determine whether my claim had been received and was told by the representative that she couldn't check to see if it had been received and that she had no way of communicating w/the Lost & Found bureaucracy. I was instructed to resubmit my claim. WHY? Why create a complete barrier between customer service and one of the most demanding customer service departments? Why, once it is determined that an item is missing due to employee error, is no one capable of expediting the claim? 4. I attempted to resubmit my claim on 9/14 & received a server error message AT LEAST SIX TIMES. I called Customer Service again and after being put on hold for at least half an hour, the gentleman was able to submit a claim on my behalf. WHY COULDN'T THE PERSON I SPOKE TO ON 9/11 DO THIS FOR ME??? 5. Today, I received an automated message explaining that my item hasn't been located. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? My phone has my name & itinerary number on it. My claim was submitted with a tracking number from the shipment of lost items. AT ANY POINT, IS SOMEONE FROM SOUTHWEST GOING TO ATTEMPT TO BE IN CONTACT WITH ME? Not having my phone has been a massive inconvenience. I'm dealing with a family crisis and the phone situation is making matters worse. I understand that the company has to control the influx of customer service requests, but the inability to be in contact with anyone who is willing and has the tools to rectify the situation is ridiculous. Is anyone capable of expediting this? Please Help.